Vertical blinds add style to the home

If you are looking for an easy and affordable way to dress your windows, then vertical blinds may be what you are looking for.  These blinds are ideal for windows that look onto a street or where the neighbours can see in easily.

With curtains, when opened, you have to have netting to hide your personal life from the outside world.  The same applies if you choose roller or roman blinds, but with vertical blinds, they open sideways.  This means your neighbours will be guessing at what is going on and won’t be able to look in any more.

Available in a range of colours

Vertical blinds
fit so well into any size window.  They look stylish and are available in a range of colours to compliment any room in your home. The advantages of these blinds include:

•    Easy to install.
•    Easy to maintain.
•    Offer style and sophistication.
•    Easy to open and close.
•    Choice of great colours and patterns.

The biggest advantage is you can choose how to use your vertical blinds, you can either open them so they still hang down but allow light in, or you can open them up completely, enabling the entire window to be exposed.

For anyone looking for ways to dress their windows in order to add style, a splash of colour, and ease of use, then these vertical blinds are the way to go.  Made from durable materials that are easy to clean and require a minimum amount of maintenance, they are the ideal choice over curtains.

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