Tips on installing granite tiles

Granite tiles are becoming an increasingly popular option, as they are great looking and are incredibly durable. It is entirely possible to lay granite tiles yourself. However, you should be aware that they are very heavy, so if you think it might be too strenuous for you consider bringing in a professional. Furthermore, granite tiles are expensive and they can break when you drop them.

Granite tiles should only be installed in an area that is going to remain relatively clean, or one that can be cleaned very easily. If you are unable to keep the tiles clean they will soon need replacing.

The tiles should only be laid onto a flat surface; any bumps in the surface can easily damage them. If the tiles are laid on an uneven surface then it is possible that when people start walking on them they will crack.

When purchasing granite tiles you must remember that because they are not processed you will not have perfectly matching colours and you will not be able to find them at any retailer.

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