The convenience of garden office buildings

Garden office buildings are sprouting up all over the place, providing elegant workplace solutions to those who opt for homeworking but do not have the space. More and more people are choosing to work from home. The Live Work Network reported recently that one in twelve Brits work from home. That is nearly three million people, and all those people need a place to work.

Sometimes it just is not practical to use the kitchen table or the spare room to conduct your business affairs. There comes a time when you need to secure your own office space at home.

However, therein lies the problem for many UK homeowners. There just is not the space in our homes for an office. The financial climate has made people cautious about trading up and taking on more debt, so the trend has been to maximise the space in the existing home. Expanding into loft space, basements, adding extensions, all these options have become very popular in recent times.

Yet where do you go once you have maximised all the space in your home? Into the garden, of course!

The growth in popularity of garden office buildings makes perfect sense. You are working in a serene environment, close to nature, only a few steps from your home but far enough away for there to be an element of psychological separation between work and home. No longer do you have to endure the daily commute, saving you time and money and enabling you to achieve a better work/home life balance.

Organising a garden office is easier than you may think. You will find companies that provide a fully guaranteed installation service and offer a selection of models suited to home office working. You will be amazed at the level of comfort, style and finish available. If kept within a certain size, planning regulations are not usually a problem for garden rooms.

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