Roman blinds – key facts

What are roman blinds?

Roman blinds are fabric blinds with a cord which raises them into a soft layered pleat, and lowers them to cover the whole window.  When the blinds are raised, the cord is attached to a cleat which is secured to the wall or the window frame, to keep them raised.

Why should I choose roman blinds?

Roman blinds are luxurious blinds that are perfect for giving your room an elegant look.  They can be made out of fabric to match the décor of your room.  They are a contemporary alternative to traditional curtains, and have good blackout abilities.  They can be easily cleaned of dust using a vacuum cleaner.  Roman blinds can also help to keep your room warm and private.

What are the negatives?

Roman blinds can be quite complex to take down and put back up for thorough cleaning, so they should be kept clean and hoovered regularly.

Where can I use roman blinds?

Roman blinds are a great choice for your bedroom, living room or dining room.

As roman blinds are made of fabric, they are probably not the best choice for your bathroom or other locations where they may become wet.

What are my choices?

Roman blinds give you plenty of choice, just like curtains.  You can choose from different fabrics, patterns, and colours, including faux suede and fur.  In addition, if you want to match your roman blind to fabric you already have in your room, it is possible to have your blind especially made from the fabric of your choice.

Most companies offer custom made blinds so they will fit your window perfectly, and you can choose which side you want the cord to be.

You can also choose whether or not you want a blackout lining.

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