How to replace skirting boards

A skirting board is the piece of wood that runs around the room from the floor upwards to about 12cm to 17cm or so.  It is there to protect the wall from damage and also breaks up the wall and floor.  Over time these can become damaged, worn or so heavily painted that they would look tired and ugly. The process of replacing the skirting boards is relatively simple.  In order to remove the old skirting board you will need a crowbar and a block of wood.  Place the wood against the wall to prevent accidental damage and carefully pull off the existing skirting.  Start at a corner or where the skirting meets a door frame, as it will be easier to remove from these points. Once all of the pieces that need to be replaced have been removed, carefully measure them to get an accurate measurement.  The new sections of skirting will need to be cut as per those that have been removed.  So look to see if any of the ends are angled to accommodate external wall corners.  Use a mitre box to cut these sections as they will have the guides needed to create the correct cut. You will also need to pay attention to the profile of the skirting if it is moulded to ensure a snug and proper fit.  To achieve this simply place one section of skirting at a 90 degree angle to the other and mark out the profile, then use a jigsaw to cut the profile.  Fix to the wall as per the boards that were removed and you are done.

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