How to remove rust

Removing rust can be done with the help of some mechanical procedures or chemical substances. First of all, paint strippers can be used to remove old paint by following a simple brushing procedure. These can be purchased from both online and high street stores. They should be left on for the time specified by the manufacturer, and then simply scraped off. It is recommended that gloves and goggles are used while performing this procedure, since it could be harmful to your skin.

Rust can also be removed with the help of a wire brush. Hand and power drill mounted brushes can be used as well. An angle grinder brush is another alternative. Scraping will help remove larger loose rust particles and rusted paint, and this procedure should be used prior to the use of wire brushing. Sanding can also remove old paint and even light rust. Pay special attention to the potential paper clogging that might occur when using the sand paper.

Sand blasting and even shot blasting are two professional rust removing procedures you could also try. They are costlier than the procedures mentioned above, but are highly effective.

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