How to fit a kitchen splashback

Splashbacks are becoming increasingly popular.  They are an easy way to inject life and colour into a simple, monotone kitchen without overpowering it.  The most popular form of splashback is the glass version, however, tiled splashbacks can be used as well.

The items you will need before you begin are as follows; neutral colour silicone, silicone gun, tile spacers, drill and rawl plugs (only if you are screwing it on), cloths, warm soapy water, tester pot of paint that matches the colour of the glass, and a small paint brush.  Make sure that the wall is even before you begin, any bumps or dips of more than 2-3mm should be addressed prior to fitting the glass splashback.

Before you begin using your tester pot of paint, paint a strip of colour onto the walls anywhere that there may end up being a small gap.  By doing this you make the gap less noticeable as both wall and glass will be the same colour.

Apply circular blobs of silicone onto the reverse side of the glass; about 20mm in diameter should do it.  Repeat the process of the entire surface keeping the blobs about 100mm or so apart and not too close to the edges.  Now press the glass into place and if feels a little ‘bouncy’ anywhere, remove the glass and apply some more silicone at that point.

Use tile spacers to ensure there is an expansion gap around the edges of the glass, especially if it is close to wooden surfaces or cupboards as these can expand when warm.  Once the glass has been fitted, leave it for a full 24 hours before removing the spacers.  You can now seal the splashback with a clear silicone sealant and wipe the surface down to make sure it is clean.

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