How to fit a dimmer light switch

Before beginning work, make certain that the electricity has been turned off at the mains or that the fuse for the circuit you are working on has been removed, or the circuit switch flipped to the ‘off’ position..

Remove the old switch by unscrewing the screws holding it in place and pulling it away gently. Beneath it, there will be two terminals (if there are three, you are dealing with a two way switch, which cannot be swapped using this method). Unscrew these and remove the conductors, putting them in place within the dimmer switch being installed. Screw the terminals back into place and check for the existence of an earth terminal – usually present on dimmer switches made from brass or chrome. Attach any earth terminals to the earth on the mounting box, using a small amount of wire.

Check your connections once more and secure in place using two screws. Replace the fuse or return the circuit switch to the ‘on’ position and turn the mains back on. If unsure about the switch, make sure to call in an electrician to prevent shocks when using the dimmer.

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