How to cover hairline cracks in plaster

When it comes to redecorating there is nothing worse than finding a long hairline crack on the surface you want to paint.  This does not, however, need to pose a disastrous problem and even the worst DIY people can fix this issue.

All you need is some filler, such as Polycell Hairline Crack Polyfilla, a small paint brush and some sandpaper.  Begin by removing loose plaster and dirt from the surrounding area. Then, using the brush, simply paint the filler into and over the area of the crack.

Do not over-spread the filler or apply too much in one go, just gently build up the level until the crack is no longer visible.  Wait until the filler has dried and then use the sandpaper to smooth the surface down so that it is flush with the surrounding plaster.  Clean off the area once you have finished to remove any dust particles that could get trapped in the paint and give an uneven finish. Now get your paint out and re-decorate the wall, it really is as simple as that.

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