DIY: How to make climbers add something special to your garden

Planting climbers is a great way to add variety and beauty to your garden.  They are ideal for covering walls and creating beautiful arches.  With such a large variety available, it is possible to create simple, yet elegant, flair to any corner of your garden.  All you need are a few tips, determination and a little bit of patience.

Steps to follow:
•    Area:  You will need to select an area with good sunlight to encourage your plant to grow. Climbers tend to be delicate, so limit exposure to wind.  If you are building a structure, make sure that it is firmly placed in the ground to offer support.  If you are choosing a wall, ensure it has enough places for the plant to grip onto, or provide a wire or rope framework to support and guide it.
•    Variety:  There are many different plant varieties that do well as climbers in different climates.  Depending on whether you want to cover an unsightly wall, add some colour or span an arch, the variety you select will differ.  Consult a local gardening website or nursery for advice.
•    Good foundation:  When you have decided on the climber you wish to plant, it is very important to create the right bedding.  The plant will span wide and be exposed to the elements, so ensure that you dig a good-sized hole and fill it with plenty of organic matter. This will help to give the plant enough nutrients to grow fast, create important roots and allow enough water retention.  It will also protect the roots from the cold weather.

Climbers add beautiful colours and scents and can be used to spruce up unsightly areas in your garden or walls.  These plants grow fairly fast and have soft stems, so make sure to check that they gets enough moisture during the drier months and provide deep bedding to protect it during the winter season.

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