Cleaning Window Blinds

After brand-new window blinds are installed, they look all sparkly and shiny for a long period of time, and then start showing signs of dirt and grime, thus requiring a good cleanse.  Cleaning Venetian and horizontal blinds can be a tedious undertaking.  However, there are a few simple ways to perform the cleaning process as well as to periodically keep the dust and dirt off of the slats.  The first step is to dust the blinds.  This should be done on a regular basis to remove settled layers of dirt so as to prevent blinds from becoming dirt-stained.  Dusting can safely be done on all types of blinds, including wooden, fabric, aluminium and vinyl.

For blinds that are made of fabric, a vacuum cleaner can be used to help remove dirt and dust.  Try to use the brush attachment, which will loosen any dirt that was collected over time.  Once these two steps are followed, examine the blinds to see whether they require a deeper cleanse.  If so, it is now time to get some spot cleaning done!

Spot cleaning can be done with warm water and a mild detergent.  This solution can be used on fabric blinds as well as all other materials.  When undertaking spot cleaning, it is wise to avoid rubbing the slats too hard as well as using any type of abrasive cleanser that will damage the blinds.  When cleaning fabric curtains and blinds, test the solution in a small area to ensure staining does not occur.  Regular cleaning will help prevent dirt and dust from building up, which reduces the need for future spot cleaning.

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