Choosing towels to suit your bathroom

Although a simple accessory, towels are one of the most important items in the bathroom. Choosing the right luxurious towels will provide you with greater comfort and make your bathroom more welcoming, particularly if you use a heated towel rack.

There are many different types of towels to choose from, such as hand towels, face towels and bath towels. Jumbo towels or fluffy towels provide lots of comfort and are ideal for winter. Choosing towels that are the same colour as your bathroom interior is a good idea if you like to match your items.

Many retail stores offer a wide selection of towels, including Egyptian cotton towels and a collection of classic towels. Egyptian towels come in a variety of colours, including Aqua, which is perfect for an aquatic theme. Other colours include blueberry, China blue and burgundy. Classic cotton towels are available in white, chocolate, raspberry and much more. A range of luxury towels are also available, including cashmere towels, Vermont towels and much more.

Having a separate towel for your face is ideal for hygiene purposes. Also, if you share a bathroom with other people, then be sure to wash your towels after you have used them. This provides a more comfortable and healthier atmosphere within your bathroom.

If you have a lot of towels, then having extra storage may be a good idea. Use extra towel racks or buy an extra cabinet. Separating hand and face towels from ordinary towels will keep your bathroom looking more organised and attractive.

2 Responses to “Choosing towels to suit your bathroom”

  1. Paul Toretto Says: April 20th, 2009 at 4:30 am

    You can always dye towels different colors if you get bored with one color.

  2. Nelly Says: June 18th, 2009 at 10:48 pm

    I would like to add, while you are buying a towel first decide what kind of towel you want, a bath sheet, bathrobe or a bath mat, then you should select a color that will be in a harmony with your bathroom. Imagine your bathroom color is offwhite and you bought black towel selects predict how it would look!

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