Cheap blinds

New blinds don’t have to be expensive.  In fact they can be a much cheaper alternative to curtains.  When comparing the price of curtains and blinds, remember that with curtains you will also need to buy a pole if you don’t already have one.  However blinds can be fixed straight onto the wall, so the price of the blind is the total price you need to spend.

One of the cheapest blind options is venetian blinds, which are usually made from PVC.  There are still plenty of colours available, so it is possible to match the colour scheme of your room exactly.

Roller blinds can also be bought very cheaply, and again many different colours and patterns are available, including eyelets, scallop and castle edgings.  Cheap roller blinds are usually made from fabric and are not usually made from blackout material.  However, you can usually buy cheap blackout blinds for a little more than the cheapest roller blinds, and they will offer valuable light proofing and thermal properties.

It is also possible to buy cheap roman blinds, although these are not likely to be as cheap as venetian or roller blinds.

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