What to look for if you’re a First Time Buyer in Cardiff

Looking at the houses for sale in Cardiff for the first time may be daunting. If you are a first time buyer, you will need to do some research before entering into your search seriously to see what properties in your preferred areas are selling for; it is also wise to spend some time looking around potential neighbourhoods to get a feel for the areas, and to seen if you could live comfortably there. You may wish to talk to local residents if you don’t know the area well yourself, to get a feel for the neighbourhood.

This sort of groundwork also enables you to note any “For Sale” signs in your chosen areas, and is a good time to begin looking at the relevant property ads in local estate agents or by using an online facility. Cardiff has several local agents, as well as good representation of the major national chains, so it is worth looking around and talking to a few agents to see which ones you would like to purchase from. While estate agents are there to sell properties, don’t be afraid to refuse to use an agent who is too pushy and does not listen to your requirements. Even if you think that agent has your dream house on his or her books, there will be others, and you need to protect your own interests.

Don’t be afraid to ask the sellers or estate agent questions if you are interested in a property. The types of answers you get will be very illuminating, though if your questions concern the material state of the property, you should also organize your own in-depth survey to obtain impartial expert advice.