King Size Mattress: Luxury or Headache?

There’s little doubt that one does luxuriate in a larger bed, especially when there are two people, each with the space of a full twin bed. However, there may be disadvantages, particularly if space and help isn’t abundantly available.

The size of a king size mattress is not always standard; so when you do shop for one, check the size and the terminology used. Whereas one can rely on the size of standard twin beds being 99 x 190cms, double beds being 137cms x 190cms and Queen size 153cms x 203cms, king sizes can vary.

Furthermore, there are manufacturers who change their ‘standard’ size by a few inches; so, when buying bed linen—particularly fitted sheets—it’s important to know the exact size of your mattress, and not take it for granted that anything marked ‘king size’ will fit.

Practically, a king size bed takes up a lot of space in a bedroom. The luxury of the big bed may well be offset by the lack of space to move around in the room; especially if there’s a large bedroom suite as well.

Although one would seldom find king size bases in one piece, as in the style of bunk beds, the king size mattress is one unit and therefore very heavy and cumbersome to move around – or to turn. Normally the base would come as two twin bases, of the type used with divan beds. This makes them easier to move, and provides greater support strength, preventing eventual sagging in the middle.

If you’re thinking of buying king size, consider the practical pros and cons before committing to it.


Sleeping off Stress

We all experience stress; it seems like an inescapable part of modern lives. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the best ways to recharge your body so it can deal with the daily stresses that we all encounter. Good sleep habits can also help keep our immune systems in top shape and even ward off migraine headaches.

The first step towards a great night’s sleep is a good mattress and box spring. The standard innerspring beds are still very popular, and have become more so with the advent of tufted “pillow top” mattresses that cradle your body. But the newest mattresses are so-called “memory foam” mattresses that don’t even have springs at all!  These thick, lush mattresses form to the contours of your body, allowing you to sleep in what feels almost like a weightless state.
For many people their first experience with a memory foam mattress is in a guest bed or hotel mattress. Many of them, after sleeping well for the first time in a long while, go home and buy one for their own bed. There are even beds that offer a combination of inner spring and foam for very flexible support. 

Getting the deep, restful sleep your body requires to stay in top shape should be a primary concern for people. Colds, the flu, headaches, muscle and back aches, and other types of aches and pains can all be attributed to lack of sleep. Knowing that this could all be avoided by simply finding the mattress that suits your sleep habits, why would you go through another miserable night?


Children’s Room Blinds

Safety Concerns

Many children are interested in investigating and discovering how things work.  As a result, many things which would be relatively benign to most individuals can pose a threat to children.  Curtains and blinds may seem harmless enough, but because of their intricate parts they can be a danger to those who might play with them.

It is very possible for unrestricted pieces, such as cords and wires, to cause accidents in a child’s bedroom if small kids are left in the room unattended.  When implementing blinds that have cords and wires, it is important they be short enough to stay out of the reach of small children.  If they are too long, most can be easily and safely clipped.  Some blinds for children’s rooms even offer safety features to help avoid accidents.

Looking at the Light

Nurseries and bedrooms for small children are often places for taking naps, especially during daylight hours. To help block out distracting sound and light, look for blackout blinds.  A comfortable and dark environment can help lead to a more productive sleep experience.  With such blinds in place, children may not be woken up by loud noises which might be occurring outside, assuming that the sound is effectively dampened by the blinds, and the daylight may not be so disruptive to children, allowing them to focus on sleep.


Most children are not the neatest creatures in the world.  Blinds in their rooms might get messy.  As a result, it may be worthwhile to look at blinds which are easy to clean and maintain.  Durability is also a concern for many purchasers with children.


To Spring or Not to Spring? A Mattress Buying Guide

When shopping for a new mattress it’s important to carefully consider materials and how they relate to your overall sleeping comfort. 

A basic inner spring mattress has three main components:  the foundation, the spring core, and the upholstery.  The core is the part of the mattress that supports your body as you sleep; the springs in the core are usually made of steel, though some manufacturers have begun using individually wrapped coils for increased comfort.  The foundation of most inner spring beds is a metal box spring, wooden platform, wooden or metal slats.  Some makers add a layer of thick block foam under the steel coils to create a firmer foundation.  The upholstery layer covers the mattress and provides extra cushioning for added comfort.

Whether you’re in the market for a new mattress or not, you’ve probably heard of memory foam mattresses or viscoelastic foam.  Developed by NASA in the US more than three decades ago, this material has become a popular choice for mattress manufacturers.  With less give than traditional inner spring mattresses, memory foam holds its shape and moulds to your body as you sleep.  These beds are ideal for couples, as there is very little transfer of motion, allowing both partners to sleep in independent comfort.  Critics, however, claim that sleeping on a memory foam mattress is akin to lying on hard, wet sand.

The only way to determine which material is right for you is to test out several different mattress models before you commit to a purchase.


So what’s so great about divan beds?

Divan beds are comprised of a solid base, mattress and bed frame. Their main function is as storage space, with the base typically containing one or more drawers or compartments. Storage options include side or end drawers or compartments, which need to be carefully chosen according to your individual needs and bedroom space (the drawers need to be able to open fully to the walls).

The advantage of a divan bed is that it uses the space below a bed’s mattress – normally less than useful – to a useful end. Choosing a divan bed can allow you to either store more or to use other parts of the bedroom for decoration, furniture or other less utilitarian purposes.

Just because a divan bed is useful does not mean it is of a standard design, of course. Colours and materials vary, so that the end choice fits in well with the rest of your bedroom. Examples include wooden, metal, fabric or leather beds.

The divan bed base also comes in different varieties, which, together with the mattress, directly affects the sleeping experience. Firm bases, such as metal mesh, go well with firm mattresses, which can be highly supportive and therapeutic for back pain sufferers. A sprung edge base is more responsive to weight, which, together with a softer mattress, can give a highly luxurious feel.

Divan beds are common in guest rooms, e.g. in B&Bs and hotels, offering storage space for travellers with lots of luggage.


Stylish Leather Beds

Leather beds are a stylish addition to any bedroom. The most common colours are white, black and brown. Before investing in a luxurious leather bed, be careful that it will fit well in the bedroom overall: a clash in colours or the look of different material can be unpleasant to endure or correct. A leather bed have to be expensive, with a range of prices to suit different budgets.

Leather beds come in different sizes, from single, small double, double, king or super king size. Accessories include headboards, which can either be specifically designed to fit with a particular model or combined according to your personal choice. In the latter case, ensure the colour and type of leather do not clash and that you have chosen the right size.

Given the stylishness of many leather beds, they are perfect for rooms of a minimalistic or modern design. In some cases, leather may be a good addition to a room that otherwise features mostly glass and metal, to give some variation and distinctiveness to the space.

Leather beds can be easy to maintain, easily wiped clean of any smudges or wear and tear. Since the heaviest weight on the bed, those sleeping on it, will be on the mattress, the leather will not be affected and will thus not sag or wear easily.

Faux leather beds are also on offer, with all the benefits of the look and feel of the real thing, but for a lower price.


Stylish Beds for the whole family!

Choosing the right beds for your home can be something of a challenge. There are so many types and designs on the market and so much to consider when buying one.

You must think about functionality as well as personal preferences when choosing cheap beds, as these are not only items of furniture that tend to dominate the room, but also very practical objects in which you’ll be spending much of your life.

You can expect a mattress to last ten years at the minimum, so it’s a real investment and you need to consider a few things before buying. Most mattresses consist of fabrics arranged in layers around a core of springs. The springs may be open in arrangement or come in separate pockets of fabric. The latter are more comfortable, because they respond individually to pressure, so if you have trouble sleeping this type of mattress may suit you best. Natural latex mattresses are good for people with back and joint or respiratory problems, because as well as moulding to body shape for extra support they are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Memory foam mattresses offer the ultimate in support, but are a little more expensive.

As far as the actual bed frame is concerned, space will usually be the deciding factor, closely followed by personal taste. If you are considering wooden beds, metal beds or even leather beds, you won’t be short of options and the kids might decide the matter for you, as bunk beds are very popular as children’s beds.


Inner Spring or Foam Mattress?

A good night’s sleep is something thousands of people chase. Some are side sleepers, some back sleepers, and some sleep on their stomachs.  Some toss and turn all night, never waking; others toss and turn because they can’t get to sleep. Some folks are heavy; some barely make a dent in the mattress. Some people sleep on a traditional inner spring mattress, and some wonder about the new memory foam mattresses.  Which is better for you?

No one mattress is right for everyone—but beyond that, all bets are off. Both types of mattresses are available in all sizes, so they can be purchased for everything from children’s beds to divan beds to king size four-poster beds. But inner spring mattresses tend to be firmer than foam mattresses, especially those with a higher spring count.  You don’t want an inner spring mattress that’s too firm; anything that flattens your spine from its normal curve will leave you with a backache.

That brings us to foam mattresses. These are being hailed as the answer to back pain, and for many people, they are. Yet some find them too soft, allowing their spine to curve too much, and leaving them with a backache in the morning.

So the truth is, there’s no one answer that’s perfect for everyone. If you have joint pain, arthritis, or have experienced backaches after sleeping on an inner spring mattress, try a memory foam mattress and see if it offers relief. But the opposite is also true; if a foam mattress hasn’t had you counting sheep on a regular basis, try a good, supportive inner spring mattress and see if that doesn’t help.

Your back, your health, and your mental acuity are worth spending some time to find the perfect bed for you.


Comfort for your Guests

The holidays are a classic time for housing extra people, but guest beds can be needed at any time of the year. While the prospect of spending time with family or friends can be quite exciting, finding a place for everyone to sleep can heap quite a bit of stress on you. But relax! There are easy ways to accommodate everyone and still keep your space available during the day.

Trundle beds are a great option; with this design there is only a mattress, no box spring. Beneath the mattress is a frame that slides out, and on that frame is yet another mattress. When not in use or when only the top mattress is in use, it takes up no more floor space than a standard bed. When the trundle is pulled out, you have an instant extra sleeping area!

Day beds are another convenient option. A day bed looks very similar to a sofa when not in use. When the space is needed for sleeping, the seat of the day bed can be pulled out to transform the ‘sofa’ into a bed. Some of the designs are very similar to trundle beds; some are almost indistinguishable from a standard sofa. 

Murphy beds are not an instant option, but can be built into your existing space with enough lead time. A Murphy bed folds up into the wall or an armoire when not in use, leaving nearly the entire room with available floor space.

No matter which option you choose for guest beds, remember that the mattress is even more important if you have no box spring beneath it. The mattress must do all the work of supporting your guests’ sleep, and spending the money to purchase decent mattresses for guest beds is never a bad move.


Classical Wooden Beds

When considering a new bed for your bedroom, choosing between the materials of its construction can be a major decision. Commonly, beds are made from wood, metal, or other materials such as aluminium or leather. Wooden beds, although very pervasive, can enhance your bedroom by bringing a classical look to it.

Wooden beds come in different colours, whether natural or unvarnished or painted. In some cases, depending on your personal choice, it may be possible to paint the bed a different colour. When deciding on this, carefully consider the overall look of your bedroom so that it functions as a whole without obvious colour clashes.

The days that wooden beds became easily creaky over time have gone, as wooden beds nowadays are constructed very precisely and with longevity in mind. This is as true for children’s beds and baby cots as it is for adult single, double or king size beds.

You can take care of your wooden bed by keeping it out of direct sunlight, which can affect the colour over the long term, and keeping the humidity of the bedroom to a low level. Stains and spills should be wiped quickly to avoid long term marks; this is especially true for unvarnished wood.

One of the major benefits of choosing a wooden bed is that it makes choosing bedroom furniture a great deal easier. Wooden bedroom furniture is very common, enabling you to decorate the bedroom with a range of options.