Regulations Covering Bathrooms

There are a number of regulations when it comes to installing bathrooms, WC’s and showers, and there may even be others applied locally in particular areas. If you intend to install these things yourself contact your local authority for up to date details.

The main building regulations include a whole list of things including ventilation requirements. A bathroom or WC must have external ventilation and this might be a window that opens, or an extractor fan with a duct that goes outside.

If a house or flat only has one bathroom and the door leads into a bedroom, then the bathroom must have a second door giving access which is not through the bedroom.

These are the main regulations but there are many more regarding water and what may be connected to mains water supplies, or put down wastes into the drain. There are also regulations about power showers and water pressure. These rules can be quite complex and it will often take an expert to decipher them.

Making a mistake with regard to regulations can be expensive in terms of fines and perhaps having to have bathroom suites refitted in order to comply with these restrictions. It often works out much cheaper in the long run to get an expert to fit a new bathroom and to attend to any problem there may be with regulations. It certainly saves a lot of work and expense and unless you are an expert on these matters yourself, it will no doubt save a lot of worry.


The Extractor Fan: A Necessary Bathroom Accessory

Some bathroom accessories may seem extraneous, their worth measured in terms of luxury and design. However, the extractor fan is a necessary bathroom accessory. The unglamorous work horse of the lavatory, Vectaire’s line of extractor fans is both functional and elegant.

For those DIY enthusiasts who’ve completely gutted their bathrooms, Vectaire has all the necessary hardware: the ceiling mounting ring; flexible, telescopic, and rigid ducting; the gravity flap; and the terminal vent. For those wishing to vent their bathroom out a window, Vectaire has a window kit that works perfectly with their extractor fans. They also make a wall vent kit for those venting out through a wall.

Remodelers needing a total extractor fan solution would to well to consider the Vectaire LuxVent Plus Extractor Fan and Kit. It allows the consumer to choose his/her extractor fan from Vectaire’s range  and includes a mounting bracket, gasket, 90° bend, 6m flexible ducting, a brown grille for the outside wall, and a 12v transformer for light.

Vectaire’s line of extractor fans come in a number of designs, all white and all slightly rounded squares. They offer their Axial extractor fan as a basic model, in three deluxe packages. The basic fan has an automatic front opening grille, the second most expensive adds an overrun timer, and the most expensive combines these two features and adds a humidity control.

They also offer their Axial extractor fan with only an overrun timer or with only a humidity control.


Ventilating your bathroom

Bathrooms are usually exposed to moisture more than other rooms, so it is a good idea to install proper ventilation. Condensation can lead to damp walls, which can cause mould to build up. By fitting an extractor fan in your bathroom, you can reduce condensation and mould and also stop bacteria from spreading.

Extractor fans are also useful for preventing fumes from spreading. Any cleaning products that you use in your bathroom may contain harmful chemicals, so an extractor fan will help to properly ventilate your bathroom and prevent fumes from lingering in the air. It will also keep your bathroom free of unpleasant odours.

Having a good air conditioning system provides your bathroom with a comfortable atmosphere. It can become extremely stuffy in the bathroom when you run a bath or a shower, so keeping the room cool and fresh will allow you to feel more relaxed. There are bath fans, which you can use as both a light and an extractor fan. If you wish to disguise your extractor fan, then there are lights available that have an extractor fan built into them.

If you don’t feel comfortable with installing an extractor fan, then you could always opt for a portable air conditioning system. These come with different settings, so you can experiment and see which setting you are most comfortable with. Other features of portable air conditioning systems include built in dehumidifiers and extraction hoses.

If you wish to stick with an extractor fan, then there are companies that will provide advice on how to properly install them or even offer to install them for you.


Extractor Fans

Extractor fans are an important addition to any bathroom. Where there is no natural ventilation, such as in a bathroom that does not have a window, then an extractor fan is a requirement under the Building Regulations. Regardless of the regulations, they are almost a necessity in any bathroom, since they can quickly and efficiently remove any strong odours and also help the air to circulate, getting rid of the steam and humid conditions that are often so prevalent.

One of the major players in the field of extractor fans is Vectaire, which is very much a forerunner in terms of quality of design and technological development. You can therefore be sure that your fan will not only look good, it will also work incredibly efficiently. Some of these products come with built in draught excluders, so you have all the power of the fan, without having the inconvenience of a draught.

The units can also be linked into the lighting system, so that when you go into the bathroom and switch on the light, the fan will start and when you turn the light off, after a couple of minutes it will stop. This makes perfect sense, since you don’t want to turn the fan on, forget about it and leave it working when you are away from home for most of the day. Incidentally, if this were to happen the fans lifespan would be seriously reduced.

Whilst being both functional and practical, Vectaire fans also are quite stylish and are available in many colours other than just white. If you have a chrome-finished bathroom, opt for the very sleek stainless steel model, which is available at a great price.