Which shower head is best?

Once you have decided which type of shower you want, the next step is selecting the perfect shower head. This is the most important part of fitting a shower because the kind of shower head you have determines the way the water flows.

Fixed head showers like the Grohe Euphoria Shower System are set into the wall and the most opulent looking and effective, but it is not always possible to do this. A shower head fixed on a riser which can be moved up and down will suit most bathrooms and most people, including children.

The other thing to think about is the way the water actually sprays out of the shower head. If you prefer a soft, gentle shower spray, a shower head with a large rose will do the job, but bigger heads use more water. The force of the water is not controlled by the shower head though; it is the valve that controls that.

Perhaps the most versatile type of shower head is the adjustable variety which can be turned to give a champagne flow, or a more intense pulsing kind of spray. There are a number of different combination heads available. These are ideal if you like to match your shower to your mood and should please everyone in the house.

Another very important thing to consider is cleaning. A shower head tends to get water-stained and can build up a calcium deposit, so fitting a head with a wipe clean surface that is easy to take apart and clean will save a lot of work.


Selecting the right shower for your bathroom

Along with the bath, the shower is one of the most essential items in the bathroom, so it is important to choose one that is right for you. If you have a bathtub and wish to add a shower, but cannot afford to add a new shower area, then there are a variety of stylish showerheads available. Many stores offer luxurious ranges to suit spa style bathrooms. Handheld showers are a cheaper option and again there are many different types available. Some showerheads offer water saving features and come with a variety of settings giving you full control over the water pressure.

If you are looking to add a new shower area, the choice of shower enclosures is vast. Depending on the space you have available, you could have a shower enclosure than runs along a whole wall. If you have a small bathroom, then a corner shower enclosure may be the best option. Looking at different styles and shapes of enclosure will give you an idea of what will best suit your particular bathroom.

Clear glass looks good on most shower enclosures, but if you want to keep the area private, it may be better to opt for obscured glass. There are many different designs of patterned glass that look good in shower enclosures and also provide privacy. For those on a lower budget, a shower curtain or screen is the best option for combined bath and shower units. Screens look great in stylish bathrooms and shower curtains have many different patterns and pictures for those who are aiming for a more creative theme.


Having an eco-friendly bathroom

If you wish to help the environment, then there are a variety of steps that you can take to make your bathroom eco-friendly. Using taps that save water is one step to take. Using taps that shut themselves off automatically after a number of seconds or low-flow showerheads can save water and energy. Low flush toilets also help you to save water.

Using recycled items will help you to have an eco-friendly bathroom. There are a variety of eco-friendly products to choose from, such as recycled soap cases and make up bags. Many shampoos and other bath products contain chemicals that are harmful, so it is better to stick to organic products. Avoid artificial fragrances.

To save energy, it is a good idea to swap all the light bulbs in your bathroom for energy saving light bulbs. There are bright energy saving bulbs available, so that your bathroom has enough light. Try to stick to just one main light for the bathroom rather than having lots of lights scattered around to reduce the amount of energy that you use.

Have your central heating on a timer so that it switches itself off automatically after a certain amount of time. Try to avoid using too much hot water. There are water heaters available that help to reduce the amount of heat that you use. If you simply reduce the amount of hot water and light that you use in the bathroom then you do not have to go to great lengths to be environmentally friendly.


Mira Shower Products

Mira enjoy a reputation as manufacturers of durable, good quality and yet affordable showers.  Established in 1937, Mira has worked hard to build up this reputation and so is keen to retain it; being innovative in its designs and ensuring that it remains a leading supplier of showers and shower accessories.  They also enjoy a good reputation as having a great ‘customer care’ ethos, where all customers are well looked after. 

Despite its position as one of the best shower providers, Mira does not focus on one particular segment of this market.  Instead it produces all types of showers, from very basic, functional and affordable showers, to the most extreme power showers which are at the cutting edge of design and they really do deliver the power and thrust required.

So with Mira, you can buy a shower which will be reliable and stylish, but at the same time, you can purchase one which will suit your budget and bathroom.

The company also produce a range of shower valves and mixers which can thermostatically control the temperature of the water and do not require any electric installation.

Parts are also widely available, due to the popularity of Mira and you will find that you can often buy replacement items, rather than having to replace your whole system. In wash areas where there may be a particularly large amount of usage from children, students, etc, Mira will give you durability and the peace of mind that if something is broken, it can be replaced.


Purchasing a shower head

Shower heads are often a secondary consideration, coming in second place to the function or the design of the shower unit. The choice of shower head is important, because it will be the point which delivers the water, so you want one which will suit your particular style and needs.

Generally, the larger the shower head, the more water it will deliver, so look for a good sized item. It can also be very handy to have a second hand-held unit, which is great if you want to wash a particular area and gives you more directional control of the water as required.

Overhead shower heads are also becoming very popular, particularly with power showers. This is mainly because the shower cascades down from the above, rather than being directional, although this really is a matter of individual choice.

If you like a gentle and relaxing shower, but your partner likes a shower that really invigorates, then why not think about having a shower which does both, with the shower head being capable of delivering a low pressure shower or a really powerful jet. This is the perfect multi-functional device.

The choice of the shower head should not be made on aesthetics alone, but, instead, should take into account the type of shower you like; the amount of water to use (this is vital if you are on a meter) and what your needs are for now and for the future.  Once you have decided on these issues then you only need to choose the most appropriate shower head, which will fit your needs perfectly.


Low Flow Showerheads

A low flow showerhead is quite a recent invention, but it is growing in popularity as we all become more aware of both saving the planet, in terms of reducing energy consumption, and reducing the amount of water we use.

A low flow showerhead reduces the volume of water that is consumed and this means a saving in both heating costs and water use. Some people shy away from this type of showerhead, because they think that they will end up with a shower that just trickles, rather than providing a proper jet of water.

This is not the case, since the low flow head will not reduce the pressure of your water, so your shower will still pack a real punch. Most traditional showerheads will deliver water at between five and eight gallons per minute, but the low flow model still has the same water pressure, which it delivers at between two or three gallons per minute. If you are a family of four, then these savings really start to add up.

As with everything, there are some models that are better than others. You may, for example, choose one that has a pause button, which means that you can stop the flow while you apply your shampoo etc, thus giving you real control over the volume of water you use. If you do decide to buy a low flow showerhead, then make sure that you buy one that will suit your own particular requirements and aim for a model in the middle of the price range, so that you aren’t compromising on quality.