Getting a Modern Look with a Bath Screen

Bath screens may be a functional necessity to stop water splashing from an over bath shower, but they can also be added for purely aesthetic purposes to change the over all look of the entire bathroom.

Older baths can be given a fresh look with the addition of a bath screen.  Curved bath screens tend to give a much softer feminine type of look to the lines of the bathroom, and a plain, simple curve will give an ultra modern look to the whole room.

Folding bath screens are an excellent way of saving space in a small bathroom because they can be folded back out of the way if the bath is in use but not the shower. These are much more modern looking and practical than a shower curtain which you have to pull back and allow to drip dry into the bath, not to mention the problem of keeping the whole thing clean.

Sliding bath screens are practical in family bathrooms as they are easier to slide across and don’t have hinges that may get damaged by children. However, the most popular and most common shape is the square bath screen. These tend to be minimalist in appearance and they fit well into contemporary bathroom styles that favour clean lines.

If plain and simple is not your thing where bath screens are concerned, decorative versions with gold edges are available, and there are numerous frosted designs from scroll work to fish, leaves and even flowers. Some have small frosted areas but others are frosted all over with a particular design.


Shower curtains or panels

The choice of a shower curtain or panel is one on which many people are governed by price.  Shower curtains are much cheaper than a panel, with prices starting at less than £5.  This obviously makes them the least expensive option and, if money is tight, a shower curtain is the obvious choice.  One of the major drawbacks of buying a curtain is that they are somehow more awkward to clean and they can need replacing every couple of years, since they can look unsightly if they are kept for many years.  However, they are functional and are particularly affordable; recent innovations have resulted in shower curtains becoming available in a range of different colours, designs and materials some of which can be machine washable.

A shower panel does tend to look more stylish and is a good investment for your home, since it gives a very modern look to a bathroom and they are quite easy to keep clean, looking sparkling and fresh, with a good range of products on the market which you simply spray onto the panel and then leave, alleviating the need to spend ages polishing the panel.

Shower panels or enclosures are, also, not as expensive as you may think and are available for less than £100.  If space is very restricted and you have the shower and bath combined, then a screen is the obvious choice to enhance the appearance and give the bathroom a modern and sleek look.