Shower Enclosures Save Space and Come in Many Designer Styles

In many homes, bathroom space is at a premium. Many homeowners are ripping out their bathtubs and installing showers, to allow for more room to navigate outside of the shower. Shower enclosures need not be an eyesore, though, as many designer options have come on the market in the past few years.

The Premium Nova Shower Enclosure has a curved design and two fixed doors, allowing for an easy in and out. Silver rails frame the clear glass, and coordinating silver hinges add a touch of elegance. This shower enclosure is available in multiple sizes, ranging from 80cm to 120x80cm and 120x90cm.

The Imperial Two-Door Quadrant Shower Enclosure has two sliding doors instead of fixed, and it comes in 80 cm, 90 cm and 100 cm sizes. Its chrome hardware will complement many bathroom decors.

The Sloegrin Shower Enclosure also has two sliding doors, but with magnetic closures, and chrome-finished profiles. It is available in 80cm, 90cm and 100cm.

For those without a corner available in their bathroom, the Exxklusiv D Shaped Shower Enclosure works well against a side wall. Its two satin chrome-finished doors can be opened both inward and outward, and it comes in two sizes: 96x82cm or 110x90cm.

In addition to the standard shower enclosures, many styles are available as offset; one side is longer than the other, allowing for a larger shower area. All of these shower enclosures require shower trays, which are sold separately.


Fitting a shower in a restricted space

It might seem like a simple thing to select a shower tray and enclosure for your bathroom, but when you actually get down to it you will find that there are a number of factors to be taken into consideration before making that choice.

The main restriction that you face when it comes to making a choice is that you will want to maximise the space you have in your bathroom. Your actual choice of shower enclosure and tray will depend on how much room you have available.

The simplest way to fit a shower enclosure and save space is to use a shower door to change an alcove into a shower enclosure. This can be done to cover a two, or even three sided space. All you need then is a suitable shower tray of the correct size and the job is complete. There are other shapes available if you prefer curved, rectangular, or angled designs, but it is always advisable to ensure that there is a suitable shower tray of the correct dimensions and shape available before deciding.

Before attempting to fit the shower enclosure, the shower tray needs to be fitted in place and the whole area should be tiled and sealed to the shower tray to avoid leaks. Before the final decision on which shower enclosure to purchase is made, check the measurements of the door and ensure that there is ample room to open and close the door and get in and out easily.  The last thing that you want is to open the door of your new shower enclosure and find that it hits other bathroom fittings and causes damage.


Fitting a shower enclosure

Installing shower enclosures within a bathroom can have many advantages. Aside from the benefit of preventing water from splashing out onto the bathroom floor, they also offer a fantastic home improvement opportunity. One of the many variables when it comes to choosing bathroom suites is maximising space. Even if the bathroom in your home isn’t the biggest, the installation of a shower enclosure can add a touch of class to your bathroom and create the image of a larger space with a shower separate to the bath.

If you are considering a complete bathroom renovation, the installation of a shower cubicle will certainly provide many new attributes to your bathroom. One of the major benefits surrounding showers are their functionality and ease of use. Not only are they simple to operate, they are economical when it comes to saving time and water!

Showers can be easily installed into all bathrooms and most showers and shower cubicles can be bought and installed by homeowners, so for the more daring DIY and home improvement specialists among you, this is your time to shine.

Accessibility is also another key feature when it comes to showers. For the more senior person, there are endless arrays of walk in showers that prevent the need to climb in and out of the bath thus preventing accidents. There are also a number of shower enclosures that are able to accommodate shower seats to make the shower experience even more accessible and comforting.

In terms of a home improvement venture, the option of installing a walk in shower can also significantly increase the resale value of your home as well as improving the look of a family bathroom.


Bathroom Vanity Accessories

After completing the major part of your bathroom refurbishment, the new bath, shower or sink, it is now time to add those personalised finishing touches.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of vanity accessories on the market, catering to every need and budget. Take your time and choose carefully, vanity accessories can make or break even the most expensively designed bathroom.

Take hand towel racks, as an example. It may be the case that an antique copper fixture exactly matches those on your toilet or sink. Think of what will match. In a high-tech, contemporary bathroom these may prove unsuitable. Instead, choose sparkling chrome or a rectangular towel bar.

Soap dispensers are another way to make a personal statement. Instead of having one cluttering up your sink or vanity unit, why not try mounting it to the wall?

Shelves should be considered in some detail. Do you locate them next to the sink and place your perfumes and lotions on them or will they be solely for decorative use? Perhaps lining them with ferns or other bathroom-friendly flora? If they are to be placed in a vanity unit, think of which finish to choose.

Even toilet roll holders deserve thought. These now come in a vast range of designs and finishes, just give some thought to what will look good in your bathroom. Accessories can be both utilitarian and attractive. Innovative design makes for an interesting as well as practical way to store even the most mundane items. These little details will make a world of difference to any bathroom.


Matki Showers and enclosures

Matki Showering prides itself on sublime innovation and effortless style. Indulgent, handcrafted, functional – Matki shower collections offer consumers premier shower enclosures, shower trays, mixers, taps, and basins. Competing with the most luxurious brands in the world and appealing to the most discerning of customers, Matki showers are a mark of pride-of-ownership that remains unrivalled in today’s marketplace .

Eleven collections ensure interested parties can find a style that matches their taste and space.

The Matki Walk-In is composed of glass and is entirely freestanding, allowing it to be installed even in the centre of a room. Matki also offers curved, corner, and recessed walk-in models. The Matki Wet Room collection offers bathers seamless glass panelling, chrome fixtures, and an all-inclusive showering solution. These Wet Rooms can be installed on a wall or in a corner.

Those looking for a sliding door shower enclosure should examine the Matki Classica collection. Low profile trays and thin enclosure glass make this an elegantly slim bathroom solution. In addition to corners and walls, the Classica Inline Door shower enclosure can be recessed into a wall.

The Radiance collection offers bathers curved corner units, meant to complement modern and traditional bathrooms alike. The Matki Radiance Collection also contains straight sliding door, pivot door, and recessed, inline door models. The Illusion and EauZone collections reach toward minimalism, using thin doors and minimal framing elements, while the Mirage collection provides consumers with a curved, double-door look. The functional Colonnade collection recesses itself into almost any wall.