Choosing the Right Bathroom Shower

The bathroom shower is one of the most important facilities in the bathroom, so you will need to explore what is available in order to find something that suits your requirements. From modern electric showers to a stylish power shower, you are sure to find something that will suit the rest of your bathroom décor perfectly.

In addition to a selection of shower heads, you can also choose from a variety of shower accessories to help complete your ideal look. You can find a variety of items such as shower valves, bars, shower pumps and shower panels to help you improve this area of your bathroom. There are shower kits available which come in a variety of stylish designs to help you complete your look.

If you are looking for a stylish design that adds plenty of elegance to your bathroom, then a shower enclosure is a great choice. Enclosures come in a variety of designs and are available with chrome safety glass and stylish sliding doors, enabling you to improve the look of your bathroom or shower room.

If you wish to create an extra spacious shower area that offers plenty of luxury and convenience, then a walk-in shower is a great choice. Walk-in showers enable you to create plenty of space in your bathroom or shower room and are the perfect choice for those who need a shower that offers easy access. Walk-in showers come with a wide range of accessories to suit all requirements, including half-height doors, safety glass, privacy glass and stylish fold up seats.


What Are Shower Trays?

The floor of the shower is referred to in the bathroom industry as a shower tray, and is also sometimes known as a shower base, shower pan and even a shower receptor.  Shower trays come in two basic types – hand tiled shower trays, and what are known as prefabricated shower trays. 

Hand tiled shower trays are, as is implied by their name, shower trays which are tiled literally by hand.  Prefabricated shower trays, on the other hand, are constructed from hard acrylic polymer, which is one of the most durable polymers and is thus ideal for being used in shower cubicles.  Another factor which makes this hard acrylic polymer particularly good for making prefabricated shower trays is that it can be effectively moulded into any size or shape a shower cubicle requires, and will also come in most any colour the homeowner could require.  Thus whatever style or design of bathroom the homeowner wishes to have, a prefabricated shower tray will most likely be able to accommodate it.  

Prefabricated shower trays are by far the most used and popular, both in the United Kingdom and abroad, being available in almost every country throughout the entire world.  Another key aspect which makes prefabricated shower trays so popular among consumers is the sheer ease with which they can be installed; they come complete with drainage holes which can be easily rearranged to suit almost any bathroom or shower design, and are in most cases far more cost effective than hand tiled shower trays that a craftsperson needs to create by hand. 


All About Steam Shower Cubicles

For a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, consider installing a steam shower cubicle during your bathroom renovation.  While it also serves the basic purposes of a shower enclosure, a steam shower gives you many additional, unique benefits.

As owners of steam shower cubicles will attest, the features make these lavish fixtures worthwhile.  Most steam showers come equipped with a digital control panel and sometimes a remote control to help pre-set steam features before getting in.  Foot massages, using foot rollers and hydro-massage water jets, are often found in steam shower enclosures as well.  Treat the soles of your feet with this added feature.

Hand held showerheads are also typically standard, as well as the overhead shower rose, or rain forest shower.  The combination of a larger, fixed shower head and a convenient hand-held one allows lots of showering options.  Body jets are an optional feature and can be placed above your head or down the length of the wall, for use on the back and legs.  These jets can usually be programmed on the control panel.

Beyond the physical attributes, built-in audio inputs allow you to connect to an iPod, MP3 player, CD player, or radio tuner.  In some models, a phone connection is also available.  Enjoy your music or chat with friends while you relax in the steam generator’s customizable steam output.

With a steam shower cubicle in your home, there’s no reason to spend money at a day spa again!


All About Electric Showers

If low hot water pressure is a major concern in your home, you might consider the purchase and installation of an electric shower.  This affordable and easy-to-use system eliminates the demand on your hot water tank for stored, heated water.  Instead, your showers can be hot for as long as you like, as often as needed.

The electric shower draws on the cold water feed and heats the water for immediate use in the shower. It is the perfect way to combat low hot water pressure issues or manage heated water for shower enclosures for two people, with two showerheads.  Not only will your water get hot and stay hot for as long as needed, but pre-set controls allow you to keep the temperature exactly where you like it.

Installing an electric shower is also a very simple process, and many consider the do-it-yourself route.  A licensed electrician should be consulted to manage the electrical component of this handy shower accessory, but other tasks can be done on your own.  To install the electric shower, you will need a 15 mm connection to the rising main for water, access to an electrical source, and copper pipes and valves to make the connection to the water source.

Electric showers are compact and space-efficient.  They are relatively inexpensive and can be installed quickly and easily.  For so little effort, the tremendous benefits make an electric shower a must-have for your home shower cubicle.


Choosing a Shower Tray

The shower tray is an important component of a standing shower enclosure since it prevents water from escaping and damaging the other items in your bathroom.  It is important that the shower tray you select and install fits well with your choice of shower cubicle. Poor fitting shower trays can lead to leakage and water damage.

Fortunately, shower trays are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, materials, and dimensions.  This shower accessory can also be customized to fit oddly shaped shower enclosures. Many plumbing experts recommend choosing a unit made of acrylic with a heavy weight stone-cast resin for the best performance.

To be sure your shower tray properly fits, and is properly installed, it is recommended that you consult a trained contractor or plumbing professional before installing it yourself.  For this reason, always fit the shower tray before purchasing the shower enclosure.  This might save you money and grief later down the road.

Don’t cut monetary corners in your purchase of a shower tray; quality is an important factor in such a key buying decision.  There are ways to lessen expenses while doing your next bathroom renovation, but purchasing a poor quality shower tray can cause more financial problems down the road. 

Once you’ve made your choice, a proper sealant is needed to secure the shower tray properly.  It should be watertight and extend all around the shower tray.  An improper installation can lead to water damage in the flooring and underneath tiles and other fixtures in your bathroom.


The Walk-in Shower Cubicle

The latest trend in bathroom designs is walk-in shower cubicles. They are designed to enhance a small space, expand a larger area or provide extra accessibility for the disabled.

A walk-in shower cubicle is not a traditional form of a shower stall, but rather an enclosed area in the bathroom, generally made of tempered glass and customized for small bathrooms. An individual walks in near the shower spray area, and there is no need for anyone to step up over a shower stall sill or step down into a bathtub. This makes it an ideal option for those who have difficulties with a normal shower set-up.

For additional safety, handrails and stools can be utilized while a person is in the “wet” area of the shower. Most walk-in shower cubicles are designed with a drying area away from the shower spray. The walk-in shower cubicle is designed with either a wet floor or a wet tray technique. Both are similar, with drains in strategic places to forestall water accumulation. A wet floor is a more expensive method than a wet tray because of the installation requirements.

Newer models of the walk-in cubicle may feature sliding glass doors on any or all sides. This creates an illusion of deep dimension, offering a shower area that appears wider in proportion.

Walk-in shower cubicles blend appealingly with any décor or design in the bathroom. It is extremely easy to find walk-in shower cubicles, so know your measurements and budget requirements. UK Bathrooms has a great range of walk-in showers and can help you choose the right one to suit your bathrrom.


How to Install a Shower

Unless this is a small part of a major property development project, you’re not going to need expert skills in the building trade or advice from architects in order to install a shower. Depending on where you locate the shower, though, you may need to do a little plumbing, plastering, painting and decorating or tiling in order to make good the wall that you feed the water pipes through.

A manual shower is essentially an adapted mixer tap: water temperature and flow rates are controlled by different taps, or by a single lever control. Thermostatic showers have an integral adjuster which responds to water temperature, automatically reducing hot or cold flow depending on the temperature you set. 

Begin by removing a length of plasterboard and cutting notches in the studwork where you want the hot and cold copper pipes to run (if you’re simply replacing a pre-existing shower, just connect the tap/spray to the pipes after removing the old one). Assemble and mount the tap on the wall in the position you need it and mark where the pipes will connect.

Run the hot water pipe by branching out from the vent pipe above the hot water cylinder. The cold water pipe needs to be taken from the pipe work below the outlet that feeds the hot water system. If you’re not sure about this, a plumber will install the copper for you, although his services will add to the overall costs! Connect the hot and cold pipes to the tap with the fittings supplied. Replace the strip of plaster, tile over and enjoy your new shower.


Advantages of a shower enclosure

When choosing to remodel or update a current bathroom area, often people consider removing the bath completely and putting an shower in its place. The advantages of having both a separate shower enclosure and a bath are obvious, but what if there is only room for one or the other?

Shower enclosures take up less room than a bath, this helps when space inside the bathroom is at a premium. Showers are also cheaper to run than baths as less hot water is used per wash. This could be of help to those who are living within a tight budget each month. It is also the reason why those on a water meter often choose showers over baths.

The additional floor space gained by having a shower enclosure as opposed to a bath means that bathroom furniture, such as bathroom cabinets, could be used as extra storage space. A free standing bathroom cabinet is perfect in smaller bathrooms as it can be moved whenever needed to best utilize the area available.

Compared to taking a bath, a shower enclosure stays warmer longer, as the hot water fills the shower enclosure with steam and the space stays hot until the water is turned off. With a bath the water is cooling down immediately, and often a top up of more hot water is needed before the bathing has ended.

Shower enclosures can be as simple or as stylish as required; there are various designs to suit all styles of house and decor. Again, for those on a budget, plain square shower trays and regular shower doors can be bought cheaply from most DIY stores and are relatively simple to fit.


Shower and Bathroom Accessories

If you want to make more out of your bathroom than it being just a basic functional washroom, then there are a few luxurious shower accessories and associated bathroom accessories, that you should consider adding.

There is nothing like a long soak in the bath, but resting your head on the bathtub itself can be uncomfortable for anything more than a few minutes.  Why not add a bath pillow? It is one of a range of bathroom accessories designed for comfort and are perfect for helping you to relax after a difficult day.  They range from a basic inflatable version, to a more user friendly option that will inflate at the touch of a button.  Also available is a remote control version that can massage your neck and shoulders while you relax.

For those who have young children, a kneeler is a good option.  This fits over the side of the bath and provides a comfortable pad for kneeling on the floor.  Handy pockets will hold bottles of shampoo within easy reach, and it can take some of the stress out of bathing children.  

Staying organised in your bathroom is important and there are a range of bath and shower caddies which can help you to do just that.  Ensure you find one that has enough space in for all your toiletries and that will sit within easy reach.  There are some styles which clip on to the shower pole, that are designed for a shelf or window sill, or some bath trays which will run across the bath itself. 


Designing a Bathroom: Making the Most of your Space

Very few of us have the luxury of a large bathroom. While we want something fabulous and showcase-worthy, we are restricted by size, shape, and budget. Here are a few ideas to help you make the most of what you have:

  • Replace floor-mounted sinks and toilets with wall-mounted ones. More floor space makes a room feel bigger than it is.
  • Use mirrors wisely. Placing a mirror opposite a window reflects light and adding things like mirrored cabinets helps give the illusion of more space.
  • Choose pale colours for floor and walls.
  • Install vertical radiators instead of traditional ones.
  • Keep the fixtures small. Shallow basins, small countertops, and slim-line accessories all work towards making your tiny bathroom feel grander than it is.
  • Minimise the clutter. Unfortunately, the smaller the space, the more eye-drawing things like multiple shampoo bottles and loads of toiletries are. So keep your things put away and out of sight.
  • Combine your shower and bath or get rid of the bath altogether.

Most importantly, don’t give in to the space; make the space work for you! Remember that which might look garish in a large room will often look quite wonderful in a small one. So don’t be afraid to make a statement.

A small bathroom doesn’t have to be a boring bathroom. With a little thought, a little planning, and a little creativity, you can make that small space feel larger and look amazing.