Transforming your bathroom into a spa

If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere for your bathroom then it may be a good idea to transform it into a spa area. If you are looking for real luxury and have a lot of money to spare, then you may wish to buy a whirlpool bath. These come with a variety of features to help you relax, including headrests, Jacuzzi systems, handheld showers, water heaters and much more. These types of baths look great and are ideal for stylish bathrooms.

If you wish to transform your bathroom into a spa but are on a tight budget, then there are a variety of products you can by to create a spa effect. Scented candles, fluffy towels and aromatherapy products are great way of pampering yourself without having to go too overboard on the spending.

Also great for creating a spa effect are heated towel racks. These will provide comfort for you when you step out into the cold after your bath. Placing your heaters on a timer will also allow you to have a warm, comfortable room before you have bath, which is ideal for cold mornings and when you arrive home from work and just want to relax.

You may wish to buy a spa set. These can be expensive, but are much more affordable then going to great lengths to transform your bathroom. These sets include a variety of luxury products for your body, such as milk and honey products, body butter and much more. If you have sensitive skin, then stick to unscented products. These can be just as effective.


Freestanding baths

Freestanding baths can offer a real sense of luxury within a domestic bathroom.  They can either stand proud and alone in the centre of the room, or be close to a wall.  Some are fitted onto legs; others are actually on the floor.  Some have a roll top, which is a very traditional type of bath, but there is actually a wide range of designs now on the market, many of which are very chic, angular and modern in design.

The main design feature of the free standing bath is that it looks much less cluttered and fixed than a standard bath and through installing it in the centre of a room; you can make a real focus of the bath.  You can even have it near a window, so that you can gaze out on the sky.

The legs or feet that the bath has fitted can also make a real statement about your way of life and your sense of style and there is certainly a wide variety of accessories to complement them, so you can tailor your choice to your exact specification.

It is also possible to have a whirlpool bath that is freestanding.  However, if you do choose a freestanding bath, placed in the centre of the room, then you should bear in mind that you will have to have a separate shower, since it will not be possible to fit a powerful shower to the bath; you can have a shower mixer fitted to the taps, but these are not as powerful as an electric shower.


Whirlpool Baths

Whirlpool baths have recently enjoyed something of a renaissance.  Whilst they were popular in the 1980s, demand decreased when they became viewed as something bulky and dated.  However, in the past few years, their design has evolved and they are once again, seen as being a very useful addition to any bathroom. 

Whirlpool baths are now available in a range of sizes, shapes and with a variety of facilities, the vast majority of which are very modern and classic in design, enabling them to be fitted in almost every bathroom.  Even where space is tight, you will still find that there is a whirlpool bath which can fit in the corner, which will simply transform your bathroom into your own, very powerful, Jacuzzi! 

Whirlpool baths are also now very quiet, so the noisy pump of the older style models is now just a distant memory.  The pumps are also much more energy efficient, so the running costs are low.  Since they double as an ordinary bath, they can be as environmentally friendly as you choose, i.e. they do not have to be used as a whirlpool whenever a bath is taken.  Most come with fully adjustable water jets, allowing you to alter the direction of the water and the air, so that you can target any areas where you feel particularly tense or sore.

The fittings are also quite unobtrusive, meaning that the bathroom is not wholly taken up with the pump and pipes.  They are also so stylish now, that they will simply add elegance to your bathroom, as well as many hours of enjoyment for all who take pleasure in its luxury!