Start Your Bathroom a Makeover with New Mixer Taps

Not everyone can afford to remodel their entire bathroom all at once. Most of us pick one item to upgrade at a time. One way to have a maximum impact with minimal expense – in comparison to other purchases you might make during your bathroom remodel – is to replace your existing basin mixer taps with new ones.

There are more mixer tap styles available than any other type of bathroom fixture. Choose mixer taps that will complement your current décor and hardware – towel bathroom radiators, shower accessories – but can also be a focal point of your finished bathroom.

One of the more elegant, modern designs can be seen in the Barcelona mixer. They take their inspiration from the iconic chair designed by Ludwig Miles van der Rohe for the 1929 Barcelona Exposition. Those familiar with the chair will see its smooth lines reflected in these water taps.

Another popular choice are the Blade mixer taps. Their sleek design will work well in a modern, minimalist bathroom. They are cast in solid brass, and are double-dipped in chrome.

The Trinity mixer taps are a modern take on a period design. They are both budget-friendly and grand in design. There is also a version of the Trinity mixer taps for the shower.

If possible, purchase your shower mixer taps from the same line and at the same time that you upgrade your basin mixer taps. It will keep your fixtures from not matching and also save the plumber the extra trip, and you the extra cost.


Bathroom Remodelling – Shower Enclosures

Remodelling, especially when it comes to bathrooms, can be an intimidating project. There are a number of items available on the market when it comes to bathrooms. Sometimes the vast quantity of them can be overwhelming. It becomes an issue where to start – bathroom cabinets, designer radiators, sinks, faucets, etc – they are all available. If you are trying to give your bathroom a new look but don’t really want to redo everything then one of the items to consider is a new shower enclosure.

Shower enclosures come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles. They are no longer merely square but can be a pentagon, an offset circle, rectangular, etc. Have a look at the available space in your bathroom and pick the appropriate style. If there is not a style that conforms to the size of your bathroom you can get one custom made. Above average skill is required to install these items, so some homeowners choose to get them installed by professionals. Check and see if the store you bought it from will install it for you.

There are many advantages to a shower such as the fact that they give your bathroom a modern look while being easy to clean and you will no longer need a shower curtain. Other shower accessories are available to add to the new look such as shower heads, shower trays, mirrors, soap dishes, or even speakers if you feel the need.


Floor Mounted Bathroom Radiators

Many people are now opting for floor mounted bathroom radiators as a means of adding a stylish feature into their room. The Aestus Partito floor mounted radiator is a particularly popular choice. There is a choice of seven sizes on offer which means that there should be a size to fit any bathroom, no matter what space is actually available. One of the main plus points about this radiator is that it combines practicality with design.

You can choose from one of the seven common sizes available, but obviously your choice of radiator will depend on the size of your bathroom and the space you have available. However, if you are looking for a traditional column radiator to make the most of your traditionally designed bathroom then this is truly one of the best options out there.

Of course, you want your bathroom radiator to look good but you also want to be assured of its quality. These Aestus Partito radiators are finished in a strong and durable white powder coated finish and are made from high quality mild steel tube that will last a lifetime.


Keep your bathroom cosy and welcoming

Thermostatic radiator valves are used as part of a central heating system to control the amount of water or other fluid that goes through into the radiator. These are also called TRVs for short.

These radiator valves have an element that expands and contracts to increase, or decrease the flow of water by opening and closing the valve. Basically, these thermostatic radiator valves control the temperature in the room by regulating how much hot water goes through the radiator. There is a number on the radiator valve which corresponds to the air temperature in the room and can be set to keep the room temperature constant.

This is an excellent way of preventing a room getting too hot or too cold and if set at the optimum number can save quite a lot of money on the cost of running a central heating system. Thermostatic radiator valves will ensure that you have a warm and cosy bathroom when you get up for work on a cold, frosty morning.

There are a number of thermostatic radiator valves on the market and it should be relatively easy to find one that fits onto your bathroom radiator. Some of these can be fitted to existing radiator valves without the need for a plumber. Costs vary but most radiator valves of this type are quite inexpensive. Generally speaking it should be possible to recoup the cost of the valves in a year by savings made on central heating fuel.


Designer Bathroom Radiators

Acova have been sector leaders in radiators throughout the world for years. They are the creators of stunning, design-led bathroom radiators which are available in an abundance of sizes, styles and colours to meet each individual’s requirements. In fact, if their standard range does not include exactly what you are looking for, Acova also offer a bespoke service where your bathroom radiator can be made to measure according to your exact specifications.

Acova bathroom radiators come in a variety of styles; from towel drying rails to mirrored heaters and traditional bathroom radiators. This range offers the customer the opportunity to combine the necessity of warmth with a stylish bathroom feature. Acova radiators are truly the epitome of stylish luxury.

If you are considering the Acova towel drying rails you will be pleased to hear that they are easily fitted through your existing central heating system, be it gas, electric or a combination of the two which means that this item is an option for everybody who falls in love with its sleek design. You have complete control of the towel rail, even down to the choice of matching accessories and valves. These designer bathroom accessories are practical and chic.

Another example of the Acova radiator range is the Balmoral, which is a floor mounted radiator. This radiator only comes in one size but can be finished in antique gold or chrome depending on your individual taste. Radiators are often considered a necessary but unattractive feature within any room, but you will want to show these Acova radiators to their full effect as a focal point of your bathroom.


Bathroom Underfloor Heating

Floor heating is an excellent option for that extra room in the house, such as a bathroom. It means you do not need to take up wall space with radiators, which can also be a pain if you are adding a new ensuite as you will need to get the central heating company in to move pipe work and install new radiator points.

Underfloor heating can take away all of this hassle and can be incredibly simple to fit, especially if you go down the route of using a heat mat electric system. This has no moving parts and is installed on top of a layer of insulation, for example Marmox, before the floor tiles or laminate are fitted on top. You then need the services of an electrician to connect up the heating mat and the thermostatic controls. This solution helps create warmth in the bathroom, which means the room can be used for more of the year than you may initially have thought, especially if you ensure that any solid walls are also well insulated to prevent heat loss.

You could also choose to have a wet underfloor heating system installed in your bathroom. This system uses heated water fed into pipe work, however it must be installed at build stage as it needs to be set into the floor, and then the concrete screed is poured over the top. However, it will add an extra degree of warmth that will make the room welcoming for longer periods of time when your relaxing or unwinding.


Adding a timer to your immersion heater

It is a good idea to add a timer to your immersion heater so that you have hot water at regular times, such as mornings and evenings. It also saves energy, as the timer will allow the immersion heater to switch itself off after a certain amount of time, which is useful as you may forget to switch it off yourself otherwise. Immersion heater timers are affordable, so it is definitely worth purchasing one so that your heating bills will not be as high.

There are many different types of timers to choose from. Gi-Lec offer a digital timer, which has around six different types of settings so that you can set the timer for a time that suits you. The timer is available in white, has a neat box shape and is priced at £23.96. They also stock pin timers, which are easy to use and have a self-cancelling feature.

Maplin also provides a selection of timers that are easy to use. Their electronic immersion heater timer is £26.99 and has a two-button system, making it easy to programme. It also has a self-cancelling feature and an off-switch for when you are using a different type of heating.

As well as fixing a timer onto your immersion heater, you can also use one for other heated products, such as heated towel rails, heated mirrors or panel heaters. Try fixing a timer to these items if you have them so you reduce the amount of energy that you use. Having lots of heated products means that you may forget to switch one or two off, so it is extremely useful having a timer that does the job for you.


Heating your bathroom

As well as properly ventilating your bathroom, you also need a good heating system. A good option is electric floor heating, which provides a comfortable warm floor when stepping out of the shower. It may be expensive to install, but is more energy efficient than some heating systems. Floor heating can be operated with a thermostat that allows you to place the heating on a timer, so that the system will turn itself off after a certain amount of time, which saves energy.

There are many different types of heaters that you can choose from to suit the style of your bathroom. If you wish to opt for a designer look for your bathroom, then there is a wide selection of designer heaters for you to choose from. You can even purchase mirrored radiators, which are useful if you have a small bathroom and not much room for a normal mirror.

Electric wall heaters are a good option if you do not wish to spend lots of money on a proper heating system. If you wish to buy a wall heater that matches the rest of your bathroom, then there are heaters that have panels that can be painted to match the colour of other items or your wallpaper in the bathroom.

If you hate the thought of having to use cold towels when you step out of the bath or shower, then there are a selection of towel drying radiators that you can choose from. These come in many styles, so it should be easy to find a towel radiator that suits the rest of your bathroom.


Heating your bathroom with Bisque designer radiators

Bisque radiators really are a stunning addition to any bathroom.  Whilst the majority of heaters are fitted to the wall, they have an air of being free standing and they look modern, contemporary and yet are also classic and elegant.

These are not standard, white rectangular radiators found in 99% of bathrooms across the country, these are iconic styles, designed to be bold and make a statement about the bathroom and your lifestyle.  Sharp, angular and rigid chrome towel radiators are available, or you can choose a seductively shaped winding, circular radiator for a softer, more feminine feel.

Some of the designs, such as the B² are a radiator designed in a mathematic style, offering an architectural feature in your bathroom.  Indeed, the architectural features of bisque radiators are their hallmark, which allow creative and free thinking individuals to express their individuality and creativity in the design and features of their bathroom, rather than just choosing something which everyone else has.

Freestanding radiators are also available and some of these have a real retrospective air about them, whilst incorporating the modern design statement which helps define the 21st Century.  This blend of old and new, retrospective and futuristic marks out bisque radiators as being timeless and yet, somehow, respectful of what has gone before.  So for those who want to really shape their living space and to demonstrate 21st living at its most ‘ultra cool’, bisque radiators really are a serious consideration.

Their price range is not particularly cheap, as you may now be realise from this type of designer, but the pieces are durable and individual, hence many feel, well worth the cost.


Towel Rails: Types and Usage

There are basically three different types of towel rails, heated, free standing and towel rings or hooks.

Heated towel rails obviously require a power source to heat them and are ideal for larger bathrooms, which can accommodate a large, luxurious rail. Heated rails are available in a range to suit every style of bathroom from period to contemporary.

Non-heated towel rails are usually freestanding, although it is possible to buy a single rail that can then be fitted adjacent to a radiator or near the bath. Freestanding towel rails also offer the flexibility of being portable, so you can move them to wherever you choose. This option also avoids having to drill holes in tiles or walls to fix them, as would be the case with wall mounted rails. These products are available in a wide variety of styles, so both traditional and modern rails are easy to source.

Towel rings may be fitted next to the basin, so that you can easily find a towel after you have washed your face. Rings can also be fitted near a bath, but tend to complement a more traditional rail and their sole use is really only advisable in very small bathrooms. It is customary to have a towel ring or rings to supplement a single towel rail, so that you can get the best of both worlds.

No matter what the size of either your bathroom, or your budget, you will undoubtedly find a towel rail that suits your personal requirements.