Bathroom Themes

Take a look around your bathroom. Does it look a little bland, even boring? The colour scheme may match, the accessories are functional, the bath and sink may be clean and fairly new, but something is definitely missing. Well, how about creating a theme, which will impress your friends and make your bath time just that little bit more exciting?

For example, how about revitalising the bathroom with a seaside theme? Choosing a new shower curtain with patterns of fish or ocean liners should be fairly easy to achieve. Match it with a bath mat in azure or turquoise and buy some new towels in a complementary colour. Most department stores sell scented candles, so how about buying some with a refreshing smell of ozone and placing them in little heaps of seashells or pebbles? 

If the glamorous days of Hollywood are more to your taste, why not try theming your bathroom in stylish black and white? Alternating tiles is easy to accomplish and very effective. Black and white towels will enhance the look and placing glass alongside matt black accessories will provide a chic and very glamorous addition to the bathroom. Art deco mirrors are also very affordable and would go very well surrounded by photographs and prints of 1930’s movie stars.

If you have small children, especially boys, why not go for a ‘Jungle Book’ look? Leopard print wallpaper twinned with models of elephants and lions is bound to be popular and make bath time a fun and popular experience.


Having an aquatic theme for your bathroom

The most obvious theme perhaps for a bathroom is an aquatic theme. Bathrooms are all about water and relaxation, so it makes sense to adopt a theme that represents the ocean and sea life. An aquatic theme is also perhaps the most interesting and is likely to go down well with children. There are many types of water themes that you can have.

If you love the beach, then choose colours such as blue and green for your bathroom. Use seashell shaped soap dishes or place star shaped ornaments in your bathroom to add to a beach theme. Also stick to blue or green towels to match your walls or carpet. Add pictures or art prints of fish or other types of sea life to your walls to add to an ocean theme.

For a more fun theme, you could have a pirate theme for your bathroom or a surfer theme. For a surfer theme, add wallpaper that has different designs of surfboards or palm trees. Palm tree designs will give your bathroom an exotic theme and offer a relaxing atmosphere. Use boat designs and pictures of ships for a pirate theme.

If you have a shower, then choose a shower curtain that has pictures of sea creatures or other ocean designs. Having this type of shower curtain will really add character to your bathroom and make it a fun place for children. Add to the theme even further by using shell shaped soap and toothbrushes with sea designs on them for children.


Having an affordable bathroom

If you need to redecorate your bathroom, but do not have much to spend, then there are many affordable options to choose from. One is to have a look around the stores to see what bargains are on offer, as many often offer discounts on top quality bathroom items. Order items from your chosen store’s website rather than at the store’s showroom, as this may save you hundreds of pounds. Some companies offer up to 50% off when you order products online.

You can also find bargains when you shop at online stores such as Ebay. They offer both new and used items and it is an ideal solution for anyone looking for an affordable new bathroom. The site has everything from baths, showers and Jacuzzis, to towels, beach towels and bath mats. You can even search for other affordable products, such as bubble bath or aromatherapy products, which you can use to transform your bathroom into a spa.

Try to avoid top brand names, as their products are likely to be more expensive. Have a look around for affordable bathroom collections by other companies. The popular store, Ikea, offers a selection of bathroom collections at affordable prices, including the Molger series, which has bathroom accessories from as low as £1.99. They also offer larger products at affordable prices, including a selection of washbasins for around £75.00 and their bathroom lighting is also reasonably priced. If you want an affordable designer look for your bathroom, then Ikea offer a selection of spotlights and stylish wall lights for just £8.99.


Decorating your bathroom walls

There are a number of options for decorating your bathroom wall. You can use wallpaper, tiles or paint or a combination of the three. Since the walls in the bathroom are exposed to more moisture than other walls around the house, tiles are usually the most favoured. Tiles will help you to achieve a neater look for your bathroom, but they can be very difficult to put up and are the most expensive option.

If you wish to use tiles, but do not have the time to put them up, then it may a good idea to decorate one part of your bathroom with tiles, and the other part with paint or wallpaper. If you decide to go with this option, then be sure to place the tiles in the areas that are the most exposed to water. It is a good idea to seek advice if you are inexperienced at tiling or to delegate the task to someone who is more experienced.

Perhaps the least ideal option for your bathroom wall is wallpaper. If you decide to choose wallpaper, then you will more than likely need to replace it regularly, as it will peel as a result of being exposed to moisture. Also, if you wish to achieve a stylish appearance, the wallpaper may not be the best option. Tiles or paint will give a more stylish look.

Paint is the quickest option for decorating the bathroom walls and can look great when combined with tiles. Try to choose paint that is most suited to the bathroom, as this type of paint will be resistant to mould and steam.


Bathroom Colour Schemes

It is important that you choose a colour scheme that you really like for your bathroom. If you want a simple colour scheme, then you may wish to stick to white. White is also a good colour for giving your bathroom a clean and formal look, especially when used alongside colours such as black.

If you wish to achieve a cosier look, then it may be a good idea to use warm colours such as red or orange. For a relaxed look, cool colours such as blues and greens are the best to use. Blue is also a good colour to use if you are trying to stick to an aquatic theme for your bathroom.

Red is a good colour to use if you wish to achieve a luxurious designer look for your bathroom. For a sophisticated look, try using a mixture of cream, brown, black and white. These colours will also give your bathroom a French flair.

The best way to decide on a suitable colour scheme for your bathroom is to perhaps take a look at existing bathrooms to see which colours work best. If you are struggling to get an idea of the look you wish to achieve, then it is a good idea to pay a visit to some bathroom showrooms, where you will be able to see which colours compliment different types of bathrooms.

Another idea is to research different colour schemes. Try looking around on the internet. There may be websites that allow you to test out different colours on an example bathroom or sites that provide advice on which colours compliment each other the best.


Decorating a large bathroom

If you have a big bathroom and wish to redecorate, you could opt for an extravagantly large and luxurious bath. There is a selection of double-ended baths available, some of which are priced under £200 Larger baths are ideal for those who are looking to make their bathroom look extravagant and they also offer extra comfort. Since there is lots of space to play with, an extra shower area may also be worth consideration. .

If you want your bathroom to stand out, then placing your bath in the middle of the room may be a good idea. This prevents the room from looking too bare and adds a creative feel. Jacuzzi baths are also ideal for larger bathrooms and would look great in the middle of the room, to give it a spa theme.

Having a large bathroom also means that you can add more than one basin, which allows more than one person to use the room at the same time. You might also consider a larger vanity area, with more than one vanity cabinet and a couple of mirrors, instead of just one. Installing large glass vanity cabinets can make your bathroom look much more extravagant.

You can also experiment with different types of storage. Since the bathroom is large, you are not so limited to how many storage items you can use. You also have the space to install a counter with two built in sinks, which will make your bathroom look even more stylish.


Painting your Bathroom

If you choose not to tile your bathroom, but instead decide to paint the walls, and then make sure you choose a waterproof paint which is specially designed to cope with the steamy conditions which running baths or showers will create.

Decorating a bathroom is no harder than painting any other room of the house, but if your suite is fitted, be sure that you cover it up well prior to starting, so that it doesn’t get any splashes of paint on it. It’s very easy to think that you will be so careful that this isn’t really an issue, but paint does and will, drop off your brush and can very easily ruin a bath.

Prior to painting, make sure that your walls are flat and that any rough patches of plaster have been sanded down. Painting will show up any tiny imperfections on your walls and exaggerate them, so take extra care to prepare them so that they look like a blank sheet of paper and are completely smooth. You may also want to patch-up any other imperfections, which can be quicker than if you simply try to sand down the rest of the wall.

Painted bathrooms can look very good, but may be a little ‘cold’ in atmosphere, so you may want to think about introducing a little warmth, with splash-backs over the bath and wash hand basin. A splash-back is simply a couple of rows of tiles, which act as a way of preventing water soaking into the walls.