Choosing a Bathroom Cabinet

The beauty of modern shopping is that most department stores and many smaller retailers are now accessible online, enabling you to create and accessorize the perfect bathroom without leaving the comfort of your own home.  One thing for sure when choosing your dream bathroom is that no bathroom would be complete without a bathroom cabinet, the perfect place to store your more mundane items, and the perfect piece of bathroom furniture in which to display your favourite toiletries. 

Typically, bathroom cabinets are wall-mounted above a sink and incorporate a mirrored surface.  However, depending on the style of your bathroom, you might wish to make a statement by choosing a metallic medicine cabinet, kept locked and out of children’s reach for safety, or a glass-fronted display cabinet that could showcase your prettiest soaps, bath oils and even perfumes.  The latter would be in perfect keeping with an old-fashioned but comfortable bathroom, complete with a decadent free-standing bath.  In smaller bathrooms, however, a simple, slim cabinet mounted above a piece of bathroom furniture would make better design sense.

If space is at a premium there are a variety of design tricks that can be utilised when selecting your bathroom cabinet.  These range from a wall-hung unit with adjustable shelves to hide the most awkward of toiletries to a selection of shelves which could function as an open cabinet, hung above the bath to save crucial floor space.  Alternatively, an all-encompassing vanity unit surrounding the sink can be used to hide a multitude of sins, from bathroom cleaning products to spare toilet rolls.


Improve your Bathroom with Cabinets

Bathroom cabinets not only help to improve the look of your bathroom, but also provide you with extra storage space. There are a wide variety available to suit all tastes and budgets. By adding cabinets to your bathroom, you can keep your bathroom looking organised and tidy whilst still achieving a modern look.

Cabinets are available in a variety of different designs. If you have a small bathroom and require a cabinet that has plenty to offer without taking up too much space, then a mirrored cabinet is a great choice. Mirrored cabinets provide you with a mirror and extra storage space all in one and the many designs available means that you can seek out something that adds style to your bathroom without taking up too much room. Mirrored corner bathroom cabinets are a particularly ideal choice for those who need something that fits their small bathroom perfectly and provides plenty of style and storage space.

Bathroom cabinets
can not only be used for storing bathroom products but also medicine. There are a wide variety of medicine cabinets available that provide just enough space for you to store all your important medicine products. For those looking for something stylish that offers plenty of features, there are medicine cabinets that offer locks and magnetised doors, enabling you to keep your medicine secure.

For extra style and elegance, you may wish to opt for bathroom cabinets that provide lighting. Some cabinets come with small spotlights installed above the mirrored doors, leaving your bathroom looking modern and sophisticated whilst providing you with plenty of convenience.


Choosing Bathroom Cabinets

There is one thing most bathrooms have in common, clutter.  The hairdryer on the sink, clothing draped on towel rails and radiators and toothbrushes abandoned on any convenient flat surface.  This clutter makes bathrooms uninviting, a feeling that can easily be eliminated by installing bathroom cabinets.

It is best to consider how the room is going to be used before purchasing your new bathroom cabinets.  The biggest reason for this is that most cabinets on display in your local home improvement store all serve exactly the same function, they just have different finishes.  If it is not going to work for you in oak, with a marble sink top, it will not work for you in maple with a granite top, either. 

Bathrooms are not normally thought of as requiring storage space, but they actually hold a lot of items.  Soap, towels, deodorants, shaving equipment, oral hygiene equipment and as the parents of most teenage girls will know, bathrooms also serve as beauty parlours, makeup counters and fitting rooms, thanks to the lighting and mirrors.  When you have an ill-functioning bathroom cabinet, you will inevitably spend hours of your life temporarily moving displaced and homeless items or will just give up and leave them where they are.

When you are shopping for bathroom cabinets, be aware that a cabinet is a cabinet.  Keeping that thought in your head, wander along to the kitchen showroom at your DIY store and you will find the possibilities become much wider.  You can maximise your space by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets, which are commonly used in kitchens and will make a great home for all of those things we cannot live without in the bathroom.


How Many Bathroom Cabinets do You Need?

An important aspect of a good bathroom layout is the style of cabinet you choose. Bathroom cabinets are essential for storing all those items that would otherwise lead to a messy and complicated bathroom. If you want a minimal appearance and a nice clean look to your bathroom, you will need to assess your requirements for bathroom cabinets very carefully.

Firs, take a look at what you have in your bathroom; do you struggle to find space in your existing bathroom cabinets to put everything away? Alternatively, are you happy with the layout and just want some brand new bathroom cabinets to complete your new bathroom look?

Another point to consider is whether you want floor-standing cabinets or wall mounted ones. In the case of the floor standing units, they can either be attached to the wall, so they cannot be moved or fitted with castors. In the case of the latter you have the advantage of being able to move them and change the look of your bathroom, at least to a small degree. Of course it all depends on what you want to achieve with your bathroom, some may prefer fixed cabinets, as they do tend to look rather more attractive than freestanding ones.

Think about the style and what will fit in with the existing look of the room. As far as bathroom cabinets for the walls are concerned, you need to consider whether you want mirrored fronts or plain. If you are short of wall space for mirrors, this could be a good option.


Bathroom Renovation

Renovating the bathroom is a project many people embark upon after deciding that they have become unhappy with their current bathroom. Depending on the size of the bathroom and the intended scale of the renovation, such a process can be either simple of very complicated, but there are some tips and general guidelines to take into account to ensure that the project will not get out of control and become too overwhelming, regardless of its size.

The first step is to decide precisely what in the bathroom requires alteration, and why. For instance, is the size of the bathroom a problem (too small?) or is it just that the style and general décor is looking rather out of date? Perhaps some of the bathroom is damaged, or there is not enough natural light coming into the room. Determining precisely what changes need to be made and why can make the whole process of bathroom renovation considerably less complicated, and possibly even less expensive in the long run.

Sometimes the renovation need only be purely decorative – giving the walls a fresh lick of paint, changing the wallpaper, or simply adding a few new bathroom accessories and replacing dated items of bathroom furniture. Sometimes the project can be so complex (particularly if the size of the bathroom needs to be increased, which would entail the knocking down of walls and the like) that the services of a professional contractor would most likely need to be engaged. On other occasions, the bathroom size problem can be solved far more easily by replacing cumbersome bathroom cabinets with far slinkier sink vanities.

Bathroom renovation can be simple or complicated – but knowing precisely what changes are required and how to go about implementing them before commencing the project, can make it proceed in a considerably smoother fashion.


Choosing the right cabinets for your bathroom

When considering bathroom furniture a very important question arises, and that is regarding storage space. The bathroom is usually the smallest room of the house, but it is naturally the one that needs the most storage. The need for a bathroom cabinet becomes apparent, with a myriad of choice available catering for all tastes and requirements. Selecting the correct bathroom cabinet is important, since the decision will impact on all future storage needs.

Linens such as towels, toiletries like shampoo and soap all need a place to be kept while not in use, and medicines are traditionally kept in the bathroom too. Medicine cabinets come in all shapes and sizes from standard box-like units to fancy corner units, and some have mirrors on the front.

The amount of space available in the bathroom could determine the type of storage allowed. Wall cupboards do not take up any floor space at all, so are ideal for very small bathrooms, and some wall units are available with towel rails underneath. There are also bathroom cabinets that fit under the basin, known as vanity units, which are perfect for keeping toiletries in.

Space saver units are tall cupboards that fit over the toilet, with the storage space above the Geberit cistern; some of these types of bathroom cabinets have additional small shelves at floor level to store smaller items. Corner fitting bathroom cabinets are an ideal place to store linens when space is at a premium, and they also serve a useful function in the room.

Styles and colours of each of these bathroom cabinets vary, making them suitable for any household decor. Anything from old style traditional bathrooms to modern minimalistic bathrooms, whether small or large, there is a bathroom cabinet to suit all tastes and requirements.


Bathroom Storage with a Vanity Unit

Storage is essential in a bathroom but it can be a problem in a small room. The easiest way to provide storage for all those little bits and pieces like makeup, razors, tubes and bottles that tend to get left laying around is to fit a bathroom cabinet or vanity unit.

A modern vanity unit will also give an instant update and modern look to the bathroom. These come in a number of different materials from melamine coated chipboard at the bottom end of the scale right up to natural wood and even glass, porcelain and steel. There is something to match most bathroom decors. Designs and shapes vary and suitable sizes for most bathrooms can be bought.  Basins can be sunk down into the top of the units, or stand up above them, or even hang on the wall.

Apart from providing useful bathroom storage, a vanity unit can also be used to conceal pipes below the sink, giving a sleek and modern look to the bathroom. If you prefer antique style, these units can also be bought in antique effect wood of various types and colours with marble, ceramic, or even granite top surfaces. For the larger bathroom, installing a double vanity unit which has two separate sinks and much more counter space on top is the height of luxury. No more waiting for the bathroom sink to be free and more space to keep cosmetics, shampoos, etc in two cupboards underneath. It also helps to keep the bathroom tidy so that things can be found quickly.


Add your own style with bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture speaks volumes about your personal taste and sense of style; it should not be chosen hastily. Bathroom furniture is the very heart of your bathroom and says a lot about the household when seen by visitors. Every part of bathroom furniture tells a story, whether it is the basin taps; bath taps, the bathroom sink, the radiators, the shower cubicle, the shower enclosure, the bathroom mirror, and any wooden furniture items such as stands and drawer units, every piece of bathroom furniture should radiate your own personal theme and taste.

When purchasing bathroom furniture, one should take into account the size of the bathroom.  The object is to maximize space and make the bathroom not only a welcoming place for the family but also for guests.

With so many variables to consider, creating a pleasant environment is essential in order to relax and enjoy your bathroom experience. For those with small bathrooms, consider space saving bathroom furniture such as space saver bathroom suites, complemented with under the sink storage, corner units or corner shelves. A corner bath is ideal; although it occupies more floor space than a rectangular bath of the same capacity, but because it is fitted across the corner it may take up less wall space leaving room for a shower cubicle or shower enclosure. Furthermore, a corner bath usually provides some shelf space for essential toiletries.

Whatever your situation, be sure that your bathroom furniture enhances the look and develops the true potential of your bathroom space, and ensure that every finishing touch, whether it is the shower curtain, the bathroom rug or even the toilet seat, radiates the image that you desire. 


Bathroom Vanity Accessories

After completing the major part of your bathroom refurbishment, the new bath, shower or sink, it is now time to add those personalised finishing touches.

Fortunately, there are hundreds of vanity accessories on the market, catering to every need and budget. Take your time and choose carefully, vanity accessories can make or break even the most expensively designed bathroom.

Take hand towel racks, as an example. It may be the case that an antique copper fixture exactly matches those on your toilet or sink. Think of what will match. In a high-tech, contemporary bathroom these may prove unsuitable. Instead, choose sparkling chrome or a rectangular towel bar.

Soap dispensers are another way to make a personal statement. Instead of having one cluttering up your sink or vanity unit, why not try mounting it to the wall?

Shelves should be considered in some detail. Do you locate them next to the sink and place your perfumes and lotions on them or will they be solely for decorative use? Perhaps lining them with ferns or other bathroom-friendly flora? If they are to be placed in a vanity unit, think of which finish to choose.

Even toilet roll holders deserve thought. These now come in a vast range of designs and finishes, just give some thought to what will look good in your bathroom. Accessories can be both utilitarian and attractive. Innovative design makes for an interesting as well as practical way to store even the most mundane items. These little details will make a world of difference to any bathroom.


Bathroom Wall Accessories

Contemporary bathroom wall accessories are rapidly becoming as trendy as ‘must have’ kitchenware.

It is of crucial importance to always have a coherent view of what the bathroom will look like as a whole. Buying one expensive item and finding it clashes with another is to be avoided, whenever possible.

For example, towel racks, once a merely functional part of the bathroom, now come in a multitude of styles far removed from a simple heated metal bar. Indeed, at the top end of the market, towel racks may even incorporate mirrors and shelves. Select one that best blends in with your other fixtures.

Similarly, the old bathroom mirror, tacked up on the wall above the sink, is a thing of the past. Experiment with full-length mirrors or one made up of several smaller ones. Surround it with lights or choose a groovy frame.

Heaters are another case in point. Instead of hiding it away in a corner or burying it next to a vanity unit, why not mount it on the wall? As most now feature built-in timers, imagine how luxurious it will make the bathroom on a cold winter’s morning.

Lighting is another accessory fast becoming stylish. Forget the traditional centrally mounted ceiling lamp. Festoon the bath with hanging lights or install an elegant metal rod with multi-directional lamps.

Finally, if your bathroom is one of the smaller rooms of the house, how about mounting an extra cabinet on the wall? It will greatly increase space for bathrobes and towels and keep the rest of the area free to relax in.