The choice of bathroom basins is staggering!

People looking to change the style of their bathroom in years gone by had limited choices available to them. Take basins, for example, which used to be available only in basic styles; today, the range of basin styles available continues to expand. Since basins are an essential item in any bathroom, it is good news that individuals are free to express their own sense of style in one of the most-used rooms in the house.

Basins come in a range of styles such as vanity units, wall hung basins, pedestal basins and cloakroom units with variations in size, shape and colour. Most bathroom suppliers will stock a wide range of options which should meet individual budgets, conceptual designs or bathroom size.

Of course, the size of the bathroom is a very important factor. Bathrooms are often amongst the smallest rooms in the house; therefore it makes sense to use all space wisely. It makes sense that the choice of basin style and size should be proportionate to the size of the room. Obviously if you have a larger bathroom, it can accommodate the more experimental or larger basin styles.

You will find that basins are most commonly constructed from ceramic which, with the proper care, is extremely long lasting and hygienic. However, more modern basins are available in glass and steel, although these certainly require more upkeep to maintain their appearance. You could also opt for a marble basin as an impressive feature within your bathroom but this would only be an option if you have a very large budget. Finally, wooden basins have recently come onto the market which may be considered a ‘greener’ option, although in terms of aesthetics it may lose appeal over time when the constant flow of water darkens the wood.


Square or Oval Sinks?

Once you have chosen and installed your new bath, the rest of the bathroom may look as if it could also do with some new fixtures.

If this is the case, your eye will immediately fall on the existing bathroom sink. Ideally, you will want to choose a replacement in the same material as your new bath. This should not be a problem, as sinks come in as wide a range of materials and designs as baths. Whether stone or ceramic, glass or even wood, a reasonably thorough search should uncover exactly what you are looking for.
However, at this point the question of shape may well present itself.

A good rule is to look around your bathroom. Is it contemporary and angular, or rustic and curvaceous?

Square bathroom sinks offer one advantage over oval models; they are almost always set in a vanity unit, allowing for greater surface space. It is here that you arrange the day-to-day items used in the bathroom such as razors and toothbrushes.

They also give the bathroom a cleaner, sharper look. To build on this, you should theme the bathroom accordingly. Towels should be folded and placed on shelves or in a linen box, rather than basket. Colours should be blocked rather than patterned. Even accessories such as soap dishes should be angular.

Perhaps most importantly, choose your taps with care. A curved tap will look out of place in a square sink. A much better idea is to buy chunky taps in chrome or oiled brass.


Bathroom Vanity Units

Refurbishing a bathroom can be an expensive affair. A new bath or shower unit can set a house owner back a considerable amount of money, but even if you cannot afford a total overhaul of your existing bathroom, replacing an old and lifeless vanity unit can do wonders to even the most jaded of bathrooms and not cost the earth.

There are as many different vanity units on the market as there are bathroom sinks. It is therefore of crucial importance that you have a clear idea of which of the many types will best fit into your existing bathroom.

Although this is true of many of the other accessories in your bathroom, the vanity unit deserves especial care, because of the composite nature of the fixture. In general the unit consists of taps, a washbasin and mirror. These all need to fit into the overall layout of your bathroom.

Also, choose a size that will be suitable. Although storage space is, of course, the main reason why vanity units are chosen in the first place, there is no point in buying one that is too large. This will only defeat the entire object of the exercise, an uncluttered bathroom.

For those who need a great deal of storage space and have the room to do so, a traditional cabinet style should prove sufficient. Conversely, someone with more limited requirements may find the pedestal style more than adequate for their needs.


Dealing with bathroom plugholes

Plugholes in the bathroom can become clogged with hair and skin from the body when the bath is used, so it is important to clean them regularly to prevent them from clogging and producing unpleasant smells. Unclean plugholes can also cause bacteria, so it is important to keep them clean to make your bathroom a healthier environment.

There are many types of special cleaners that you can purchase for bathroom plugholes. Buster Bathroom Drain Cleaner is a popular cleaning product that helps to unclog your bathroom plugholes and dissolve any hair. It is priced at £3.99 and can be purchased online via the Buster website or directly from the company via post. Major stores such as Asda, Wilkinson, Tesco and Sainsbury’s also stock Buster products.

Buster also offers Bathroom Sink Fresh, which gets rid of any unpleasant smells from bathroom plugholes. It removes bacteria and keeps baths and sinks smelling fresh. It is recommended that the product be used at least once a week to prevent build up of bacteria. The product is priced at £3.29. Demonstrations of how to use Buster Bathroom Drain Cleaner and the Bathroom Sink Fresh are available on the Buster website.

If you find that you still have problems with blocked plugholes and unpleasant smells, then have a look around on the internet for advice. There are a variety of advice forums for cleaning different areas of the bathroom, and stores may also be able to recommend products. Looking at customer reviews of cleaning products is a way of getting an idea of how effective they are.


Selecting the right sink for your bathroom

While a sink is not the most important item for your bathroom, it is still one of the most popular when it comes to setting a style. Almost every bathroom has a sink and there are many different styles and colours to choose from. It is important that you choose a sink that will fit your bathroom properly. To help you decide which sink is right for your bathroom, have a look at different shapes and sizes of sinks. Have a look around your bathroom and measure different areas to get an idea of what size sink you will need.

Try and find a sink that you know will suit your bathroom and that you are happy with. It is a good idea to look at as many different styles as possible so that you do not end up installing something that you will be unhappy with. If your bathroom does not have strong walls, then you will be better off with a pedestal sink. If you feel confident that your wall will be able to support a sink, then you may opt for a wall-hung sink, but you may wish to seek advice before you install it just to be sure.

To get a stylish look for your bathroom, you could look at counter sinks, which are built into a counter. These types of sinks are good for building a vanity area in your bathroom and look good when placed below a mirror with lights. You could also have a glass basin for your designer bathroom. These come in different shapes, including a shell shape, which is ideal for an aquatic themed bathroom.


Villeroy & Boch Basins

Villeroy & Boch is a large German based company that is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom ceramics.
Villeroy & Boch manufacture a very nice range of bathroom sinks from your usual standard looking basin to the ultra modern in the Liaison range that are made from glass and ceramics.
The Pure Stone range that Villeroy & Boch do is absolutely stunning and doesn’t look out of place in any modern bathroom.
Many of the Villeroy & Boch ranges are a modern contemporary style and you will find that many styles of taps will easily transform the Villeroy & Boch basin entirely.
Villeroy & Boch basins are fairly priced within the market and you might be surprised by the costing of the products.


Giving your bathroom a traditional theme

Having a traditional theme for your bathroom can make it much more comfortable and add elegance to the room. Furniture made from brass or porcelain is ideal for a traditional bathroom. Visit antique stores and see what furniture would look best for your traditional theme. Going for an Art Deco look is a good idea if you wish to achieve a traditional look for your bathroom.

The Heritage Bathrooms outlet offers furniture that is suitable for traditional bathrooms, such as cast iron baths and a pedestal basin. They also offer a selection of Art Deco products that are suitable for family bathrooms that have a traditional theme.

Searching sites such as eBay will help you to find low cost traditional items for your bathroom. If you are struggling to make a decision on what kind of layout you would like for your traditional bathroom, then visit a few showrooms or have a look on a few websites to see if you can practice with a few layouts and colour schemes. Flicking through a few magazines may also give you an idea of what type of furniture will suit a traditional theme.

You can even find taps that have a traditional look. Tap Choice offers Bristan Colonial traditional bathroom taps, which are priced at around £36.93 with a chrome finish and £52.37 for a gold finish. They also offer traditional bidet mixers and bath fillers, which are also available in chrome or gold. Simple items such as these will give your bathroom the traditional look that you are hoping for.


Decorating a large bathroom

If you have a big bathroom and wish to redecorate, you could opt for an extravagantly large and luxurious bath. There is a selection of double-ended baths available, some of which are priced under £200 Larger baths are ideal for those who are looking to make their bathroom look extravagant and they also offer extra comfort. Since there is lots of space to play with, an extra shower area may also be worth consideration. .

If you want your bathroom to stand out, then placing your bath in the middle of the room may be a good idea. This prevents the room from looking too bare and adds a creative feel. Jacuzzi baths are also ideal for larger bathrooms and would look great in the middle of the room, to give it a spa theme.

Having a large bathroom also means that you can add more than one basin, which allows more than one person to use the room at the same time. You might also consider a larger vanity area, with more than one vanity cabinet and a couple of mirrors, instead of just one. Installing large glass vanity cabinets can make your bathroom look much more extravagant.

You can also experiment with different types of storage. Since the bathroom is large, you are not so limited to how many storage items you can use. You also have the space to install a counter with two built in sinks, which will make your bathroom look even more stylish.


Bathroom Sink Design Matters

The debate goes on bathroom sink or bathroom basin ? Well, whichever you decide it is we think that the bathroom sink can impact the whole of a bathroom design. The sink needs primarily to be functional, but remember it doesn’t have to look dull either.Many online bathroom shops offer sinks of varying size and shape with unique designs too which can accomodate even the smallest of budgets. Bathroom sinks are usually made from ceramic this offers durability and hygiene at the same time whilst keeping down costs too.Glass bathroom sinks are now seen more and more often as are steel, this has come about through the need for a more modern look.


Wash Hand Basin Design Issues

Wash hand basins are no longer about somewhere just to wash your hands; they now make a statement about you, about your taste and about how you like to live.

Recent design innovations have seen enormous changes being made to the traditional, slightly curved, wash hand basin. Now you have the option of curved, angular, square, dual or even asymmetric basins. So which do you choose?

Obviously personal taste comes into it, but there are some design considerations as well. If you have very small children, then don’t plump for the latest Italian geometric styles, with corners so sharp that they look as if they could be used for cutting.  Instead, you should opt for something that is curved and which will obviously still inflict a knock if a little head bangs against it, but which will do less damage than a seriously sharp corner. However, if you don’t have children, or the little ones are past the age where they seem to constantly bang into any sharp edges, then these styles will be worth considering, especially if you like modern, urban design. 

You should also think about the other rooms in your home. If it is a real shrine to the past and you simply adore old-fashioned styles of décor and furniture, then you won’t want your bathroom to be too much at odds with this. So remember not to think about your bathroom in isolation, for whilst it is perfectly acceptable to have contrast, creating too much of a clash will result in ‘dissonance’, which is basically disharmony!