Mounting an Extractor Fan

Rooms in which condensation collects, such as utility rooms, bathrooms and kitchens, can benefit from having an extractor fan fitted.  These fans suck up the moisture and direct it to the outside of the building, replacing it with dry air collected from other parts of the house.  This will discourage the build up of mould on surfaces affected by moisture.

It is always possible to simply open a window, but heat will just be wasted by doing this, whereas an extractor fan will keep the interior at a steady temperature whilst removing the moisturised air and will be much more effective at doing so.

An extractor fan can be mounted into a window by cutting a hole in the frame, placed on a ceiling or mounted directly into an outer wall.

It is important to buy a fan that operates at the correct power for the job that it is required to do.  The extract rate as displayed on the packaging will indicate the power rating, and as a guideline when choosing one you can figure that the average kitchen or utility room needs ten complete changes of air per hour.

Fit the outer grille into place first, in the opening you cut in the window frame and line up the gaskets.  The inner mounting plate can then be fitted to the grille in accordance with the instructions included with the unit.  It is usually better to have two people doing this, one on the inside and the other on the outside holding it in place.  The main body of the fan is then fitted to the inner plate and screwed in place.


Aging Gracefully – Bathroom Aids

Baby boomers are unlike any other previous generation of senior citizens. They are far more active and physical in their everyday lifestyle, while planning to “age in place” as they retire. Fortunately the aids now available for use in bathrooms are very well designed and easily fitted.

A curb-less shower enclosure beautifully bridges the gap between luxury and necessity. A stationary water tower with shower heads strategically located up and down the tower make it easy for people using a mobility device or that need assistance.

Adjustable or easily moveable bathroom cabinets are an advantage to senior citizens that are aging gracefully. These versatile shelving and vanity choices can be adapted to make access easy, even from a low down wheelchair position.

Most modern homes allow for the easy installation of grab bars or fold-out arms for use later in life, for assistance in maintaining independent movement in the bathroom.

A new toilet on the market is one that is made at the same height as a kitchen or dining room chair, alleviating excessive bending for average height adults. Other bathroom accessories made for older users include gooseneck bathroom taps, low-lever handles, non-slip surfaces and the use of contrasting colours to help with depth perception and failing eyesight.

With 74 percent of all people over the age of 50 now remaining in their homes for the rest of their lives, it is clear there is a need for a functionally designed bathroom that will age as gracefully as its owner and let them live their life in style.


Add a Touch of Class with Bathroom and Shower Accessories

Bathroom and shower accessories come in all shapes and sizes in the modern age. From toilet roll holders to towel racks to towel rails, shower shelves, soap dishes, tumblers, toilet brushes and robe hooks, bathrooms have more accessories than one would think possible for just one single room in the house.

Even the humble toilet roll holder comes in a minimum of around five different types made from various materials. With wood, ceramic and stainless steel being the most popular.  The first type of design is the kind that is simply a piece of wire mounted horizontally on a hinge that hangs from either the toilet door or wall. This meaning that the roll actually still touches the door or wall and thus enabling the user to use the friction from that connection to tear off a slice or two of the tissues.

A more modern incarnation of the same basic principle includes a curled flat shield that covers the roll, to avoid actually requiring the touching of the roll itself. Then there are the kinds that are either horizontal or vertical that are recessed into the actual wall.

Toilet roll holders are also available as a separate pole on an unattached base, which can be particularly useful in households with members who are right or left handed. Then there is there horizontal axle that is actually positioned on that separate pole with its unattached base.


Accessorise your bathroom with a mirror

Bathroom mirrors are perhaps the most important bathroom accessories, and luckily they come in all shapes and sizes, so you are able to choose the right one to go with your existing décor. 

Putting a mirror in the right place in the bathroom will help to make the room look larger, brighter and adds a finishing touch to your room.  There are mirrors for all budgets, ranging from the basic plastic or wooden framed free-standing mirror for a window sill or shelf to the more high-tech versions with in-built gadgetry such as lights, clocks and anti-fogging technology.
Choosing a bathroom mirror with an in-built light has a number of advantages, particularly if your room does not get a lot of natural light.  When shaving or applying make-up then the face is often shaded if relying on an overhead light, but a lighted mirror will illuminate the face directly. 

Small spaces needn’t omit a mirror, there are those which can fit neatly onto a narrow piece of wall space or a mirror on an extending bracket which can be attached to the wall and pulled out when required may also be an option. 

One problem that most people have with a bathroom mirror is the need to wipe steam from it after every bath or shower.  Choosing a mirror with anti-fogging technology can help to reduce this problem, as it will not easily mist and can be used when the room is full of steam.


Shower and Bathroom Accessories

If you want to make more out of your bathroom than it being just a basic functional washroom, then there are a few luxurious shower accessories and associated bathroom accessories, that you should consider adding.

There is nothing like a long soak in the bath, but resting your head on the bathtub itself can be uncomfortable for anything more than a few minutes.  Why not add a bath pillow? It is one of a range of bathroom accessories designed for comfort and are perfect for helping you to relax after a difficult day.  They range from a basic inflatable version, to a more user friendly option that will inflate at the touch of a button.  Also available is a remote control version that can massage your neck and shoulders while you relax.

For those who have young children, a kneeler is a good option.  This fits over the side of the bath and provides a comfortable pad for kneeling on the floor.  Handy pockets will hold bottles of shampoo within easy reach, and it can take some of the stress out of bathing children.  

Staying organised in your bathroom is important and there are a range of bath and shower caddies which can help you to do just that.  Ensure you find one that has enough space in for all your toiletries and that will sit within easy reach.  There are some styles which clip on to the shower pole, that are designed for a shelf or window sill, or some bath trays which will run across the bath itself. 


Shower Accessories – adding the finishing touches!

Shower accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from soap-on-a-rope to shelving units and are a perfect addition to Mira showers and enclosures. There is something to suit all bathroom styles and decor. A chrome hanging bathroom shower caddy for instance, can hold all items needed for a shower, from shampoo and soap to a facecloth or sponge, everything is in one place. The chrome wire is also ideal for draining, so if it gets wet it won’t rot like wood will and is also easy to clean. It can hang over the door of the shower cubicle for easy access.

Tension pole caddies work on the same principle, except there is an extendable tension pole that fits from floor to ceiling and has several small shelves attached. These also come in plastic or chrome wire.

A unique shower accessory is a waterproof radio. There are even AM/FM digital radios available, an ideal accessory for those who love to sing in the shower. Most of the radios come with brackets for wall mounting inside the enclosure.

Shower mats are a perfect accessory to prevent slipping while showering. They help the feet to get a firmer grip to the floor, which also makes them an ideal shower solution for those who have mobility problems, or are unsteady on their feet.
Of course, shower accessories are not just limited to storage and entertainment, loofahs and back scrubbing brushes are essential accessories for the shower. Natural sea sponges are unbleached and better for the body, which all helps to heighten the showering experience.


Accessorise and Glamorise for a Stylish Bathroom

There are a number of bathroom accessories and shower accessories that can have a drastic effect on your bathroom’s style making it a more glamorous place. Some bathrooms, due to their smaller-than-average room size, require more creative thinking to make them fashionable. But all it takes is one idea to get the creative juices flowing and with the number of potential themes the possibilities are limitless.

One thing to do before you undertake this process is to set a budget limit and time limit for the completion of the project. This will help you stay on track and make sure you complete the project so that it doesn’t become an ongoing, endless endeavour.

You can alter the entire atmosphere of your bathroom with just a few changes. In line with your new theme, coordinate your bathroom furniture, shower curtain, towels, bathroom rugs and other bathroom and shower accessories. If they all complement each other and your theme you will get that new glamorous look you crave.

Another way to help improve your bathroom’s style is changing your shower cubicle to a new shower enclosure. There are many shapes, sizes and styles of shower enclosures that add a more modern look to your bathroom with the bonus feature that they are easier to clean.

Other ways to accessorise your bathroom include adding a live, thriving plant or changing out your light covers or fixtures. Adding lamps or lights around the bathroom mirror can help throw more light around the room and brighten things up.


Add your own style with bathroom furniture

Bathroom furniture speaks volumes about your personal taste and sense of style; it should not be chosen hastily. Bathroom furniture is the very heart of your bathroom and says a lot about the household when seen by visitors. Every part of bathroom furniture tells a story, whether it is the basin taps; bath taps, the bathroom sink, the radiators, the shower cubicle, the shower enclosure, the bathroom mirror, and any wooden furniture items such as stands and drawer units, every piece of bathroom furniture should radiate your own personal theme and taste.

When purchasing bathroom furniture, one should take into account the size of the bathroom.  The object is to maximize space and make the bathroom not only a welcoming place for the family but also for guests.

With so many variables to consider, creating a pleasant environment is essential in order to relax and enjoy your bathroom experience. For those with small bathrooms, consider space saving bathroom furniture such as space saver bathroom suites, complemented with under the sink storage, corner units or corner shelves. A corner bath is ideal; although it occupies more floor space than a rectangular bath of the same capacity, but because it is fitted across the corner it may take up less wall space leaving room for a shower cubicle or shower enclosure. Furthermore, a corner bath usually provides some shelf space for essential toiletries.

Whatever your situation, be sure that your bathroom furniture enhances the look and develops the true potential of your bathroom space, and ensure that every finishing touch, whether it is the shower curtain, the bathroom rug or even the toilet seat, radiates the image that you desire. 


Shower Curtain Liners

Shower curtain liners come in a range of materials and prices. Naturally, the first thing to consider is the type and colour of the shower curtain you will be lining. Depending on this, you should make a decision about whether to opt for a clear lining or one in a complementary colour.

You should also think about how often you use your shower. If the answer is frequently, you would be advised to select a lining in vinyl. It is durable, easy to clean and especially good for larger families. However, make sure you buy a vinyl lining with a manufacturers guarantee that it is free of toxic materials. Look out for those in Ethyl Vinyl Acetate or Polyethylene Vinyl Acetate.

Your budget, of course, will also determine your selection, but be warned, the cheaper the lining, the more likely it is to fade and you could well end up paying out more buying replacements than investing in a more expensive one that will last longer.

Organic hemp shower curtain liners are becoming easier to find and represent good value for money, as well as being a ‘green’ option. They come in a wide range of colours and patterns and are easily waterproofed.

Cotton, too, is also proving a steady seller, but remember that repeated washings may result in fading. If you buy one with a ‘designer’ label, take care that the lining will be constantly in stock. However, one of cotton’s great advantages is that it is easy to match up with other soft fabrics in your bathroom, particularly curtains and mats.


Revitalising Bathroom Accessories

Looking at your tired, lifeless bathroom can be a dispiriting experience, second only to looking at your bank balance and realising that a complete refurbishment is simply out of the question.

But try not to despair, because with a little imagination and flair even the dullest bathroom can be transformed into a place brimming with zest.

How about taking inspiration from a far-flung tropical island? Paint the walls in deep blues and greens. Throw in some ferns and cactuses. Take a hint from the Mediterranean and splash around yellow coupled with a white vinyl emulsion.

When choosing your colours, try to match them to your existing bathroom accessories. Do you really want to pay out for more towels and bathmats?
A good way to begin accessorising is to look at your shower curtain. Fabric looks great and can be inexpensively lined with vinyl or plastic. Choose a pattern that will still look good after a couple of months. One covered in pictures of film stars may look great at the time, but may begin to pall after the initial thrill and it will be extremely difficult to theme an entire bathroom around.

Towels always cheer up a bathroom. Make sure they match the bathroom suite or shower curtain and bathmat. Solid contrasting colours add as much spice as different coloured tiles and at a fraction of the cost.

Similarly, giving the medicine cabinet a vibrant new look is an inexpensive way to bring some cheer into your lifeless bathroom.