Bathroom Fittings: Light-pulls

A careful choice of light-pull can look very stylish and help your bathroom co-ordinate perfectly. Light-pulls used to be available in only a very limited number of fairly horrendous styles, usually taking the form of a plastic plug at the end of a piece of string. However, they now come in all shapes, colours and sizes, including rectangular, oval, skittle or egg shaped and even spiral. Given that the range is now so extensive, it makes perfect sense to tie together the whole look of your bathroom by finishing it off with an eye-catching light-pull.

If you have an ultra modern bathroom, with bisque style radiators, angular wash hand basins, bath and very bold taps, then why not finish off the effect by having a really chunky light-pull? 

Light-pulls are also available in a variety of materials, including chrome or chrome effect, glass, ceramic or even wood. The ceramic and wooden light-pulls are more suited to traditional or even period bathrooms, whereas the chrome models are an excellent choice for contemporary and modern ones.

Try to pick out at least one item in the bathroom and then choose a light-pull that is designed in the same style. This will draw the eye from the pull to other items in the room, thus offering a look that is complete and shows a real artistic and co-ordinated flair. For obvious reasons, don’t fit chintzy light-pulls in modern bathrooms, or very modern ones in period bathrooms, or they will simply look incongruous.

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