All About Steam Shower Cubicles

For a luxurious spa treatment in the comfort of your own home, consider installing a steam shower cubicle during your bathroom renovation.  While it also serves the basic purposes of a shower enclosure, a steam shower gives you many additional, unique benefits.

As owners of steam shower cubicles will attest, the features make these lavish fixtures worthwhile.  Most steam showers come equipped with a digital control panel and sometimes a remote control to help pre-set steam features before getting in.  Foot massages, using foot rollers and hydro-massage water jets, are often found in steam shower enclosures as well.  Treat the soles of your feet with this added feature.

Hand held showerheads are also typically standard, as well as the overhead shower rose, or rain forest shower.  The combination of a larger, fixed shower head and a convenient hand-held one allows lots of showering options.  Body jets are an optional feature and can be placed above your head or down the length of the wall, for use on the back and legs.  These jets can usually be programmed on the control panel.

Beyond the physical attributes, built-in audio inputs allow you to connect to an iPod, MP3 player, CD player, or radio tuner.  In some models, a phone connection is also available.  Enjoy your music or chat with friends while you relax in the steam generator’s customizable steam output.

With a steam shower cubicle in your home, there’s no reason to spend money at a day spa again!

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