Advantages of a shower enclosure

When choosing to remodel or update a current bathroom area, often people consider removing the bath completely and putting an shower in its place. The advantages of having both a separate shower enclosure and a bath are obvious, but what if there is only room for one or the other?

Shower enclosures take up less room than a bath, this helps when space inside the bathroom is at a premium. Showers are also cheaper to run than baths as less hot water is used per wash. This could be of help to those who are living within a tight budget each month. It is also the reason why those on a water meter often choose showers over baths.

The additional floor space gained by having a shower enclosure as opposed to a bath means that bathroom furniture, such as bathroom cabinets, could be used as extra storage space. A free standing bathroom cabinet is perfect in smaller bathrooms as it can be moved whenever needed to best utilize the area available.

Compared to taking a bath, a shower enclosure stays warmer longer, as the hot water fills the shower enclosure with steam and the space stays hot until the water is turned off. With a bath the water is cooling down immediately, and often a top up of more hot water is needed before the bathing has ended.

Shower enclosures can be as simple or as stylish as required; there are various designs to suit all styles of house and decor. Again, for those on a budget, plain square shower trays and regular shower doors can be bought cheaply from most DIY stores and are relatively simple to fit.

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